Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Powder


₹ 280

Product Description

Red label tea contains herbal elements that make it a household favourite. Make a great start to your day with this exotic and aromatic bond red label tea from one of India's largest tea brand, brooke bond. It is the finest quality tea that is brought to you by one of the most popular brand. The pack is filled with leaves, which if made properly can give you the feeling of being in the high hills of northern india. The taste of red label tea helps you spread warmth and cheer in your family. Important Information Country of origin : India Shelf life : 360 Days The product image(s) shown are representative of the actual product. It is recommended to read the labels, batch details, manufacturing details, expiration date, list of ingredients, directions, and warnings, etc., as contained in the actual product label before consuming or utilizing the product. For other information, please contact the merchant or the manufacturer through the contact details as provided on the label.

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