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Dunzo has been extremely useful with reference to getting things done in an unknown city. Delhi is sometimes too cumbersome to deal with - Dunzo makes this easier.

Surya V


Dunzo has pretty much become an integral part of my life now, from getting food delivered to my workplace to pranking a friend by sending him a potato anonymously.

Shivani R


Dunzo is the best app ever. They'll get you anything you need 24*7. Even if it's a pack of cigarettes after 12 midnight they'll get itdelivered and delivered fast! Great user experience. I'm a happy Customer.

Rishabh Gupta


Being an artist, I often get requests for my paintings on short notice. Having them delivered in other cities is still being a challenge. Thank you Dunzo for enabling my paintings to reach it's righful owners in Bangalore. It's been super helpful.

Pallavi Bhargava


IMPORTANT:For any user related queries, please only reach out to us through the support feature provided on our mobile application "Dunzo". We do not advertise our contact details on any third party website.