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Chicken Dumpling (Momos) Soup

Dumpling soup was a convenient way of making the most out of extra ingredients and satisfying the appetite of hungry Chinese. Just one bowl of our filling chicken dumpling soup is more than enough to sate your hunger.

₹ 199

Vegetable Dumpling (Momos) Soup

Waste not, want not, so believes the Orient. Making most out of extra ingredients, this bowl of vegetable dumpling soup is more than enough to keep you going all day.

₹ 189

Manchow Soup

Manchow soup may have unassuming roots as a popular Chinese street food, but its intense flavour proves why this humble soup is so famous around the world.

₹ 149

Manchow Soup With Shredded Chicken

Traditional Chinese chicken soups were made for enduring harsh winters, with spices chosen to awaken warmth from within. Our manchow soup with shredded chicken however will comfort you all year round.

₹ 171

Mandarin Oak

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