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Veg Fusion Couple Meal

Can you smell that? Is that love? Nahh just the spices from our Amritsari lasagna with freshly made paneer tikka and classic mac n cheese with rich Indian Mughlai gravy. Served with decadent chocolate fantasy and a can of coke for the perfect meal.

₹ 651

Non Veg Indulgence Meal

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] A non-veg lovers paradise. A crisp, toasted Quesadilla with zesty and spiced meatballs, our famous meatball lasagna, decadent chocolate fantasy and a coke to finish off the hearty meal.

₹ 609

Chicken Kheema Lasagne + Coke

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] Chicken Kheema Lasagne + Coke.

₹ 320

Corn & Pepper Lasagne + Coke

Corn & Pepper Lasagne + Coke.

₹ 315

Non Veg For 2 - Combo

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] All the kheema lovers, this one is for you! Indian spiced kheema and Italian meatballs spruce up the classic Mac n Cheese and the traditional lasagne gets a makeover with zesty spiced chicken kheema.

₹ 536

Non Veg Fusion Couple Meal

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] The coming together of Italian and Indian cuisine is the best thing you will ever experience! Classic meatballs with spiced kheema Mac n Cheese and a subtly spiced chicken kheema lasagne served with a decadent chocolate fantas

₹ 682

Veg For 2 - Combo

Indian spices take over the classics. Freshly made Amritsari Paneer Tikka layered to make the best lasagne youve ever had and rich Mughlai gravy elevates the classic Mac n Cheese. This meal is fusion in the right sense!

₹ 525

Butter Chicken Ecstasy Meal

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] Nothing better than the creamy butter chicken Mac N Cheese paired with a molten choco lava. The ultimate paradise for your taste buds!

₹ 346

Veg Cheezy Family Meal

Let cheese be the glue that binds your family together! Share a cheese-filled Fusion meal of Amritsari Paneer Tikka Lasagna, Mughlai Masti Mac n Cheese, Corn & Pepper Lasagna, Bombay Masala Quesadilla, 2 Chocolate Fantasy and 2 Cocoa-colas.

₹ 1260

Firangi Bake

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