Behrouz Biryani in Keshav Nagar


Behrouz Biryani

Keshav Nagar

Veg only

shahi (serves 1)


Murgh Afghani Tikka Biryani (Regular).

[Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita],Tender boneless chicken marinated with creamy yoghurt & spices is layered with flavourful basmati rice. Yoghurt was referred as an immunity-boosting potion & is thus used extensively in this biryani delicacy.

₹ 436

Murgh Tikka Biryani (Regular)

[Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita], Charcoal-grilled, tender spiced chicken cooked to perfection & layered with fragrant long grain basmati rice. This immunity-boosting dish was specially crafted for The King to sustain him on long marches.

₹ 436

Lazeez Bhuna Murgh (Classic Chicken Biryani, Boneless - Serves 1)

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] In this culinary jewel from Behrouz, Tender chicken pieces are slow cooked with aromatic rice & exuberant bhuna spices using dum pukht technique. [Boneless, Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita]

₹ 419


Zaikedaar Paneer (Classic Paneer Biryani - Serves 1)

Soft & crumbly paneer is marinated with exquisite royal spices & layered with basmati to create a dish that is as delectable as it is extravagant. [Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita]

₹ 383


Tokhm-E-Biryani (Classic Egg Biryani - Serves 1)

[Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita] Subtle flavours of hard-boiled eggs are adorned with exuberant spices & let to cook in its full glory with basmati rice.

₹ 330


Subz-E-Falafel (Classic Veg Falafel Biryani - Serves 1)

Crafted to gently lift your spirits, this biryani is dum-pukht with long fragrant rice layered with fresh vegetables & crispy falafel tikkis [Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita]

₹ 352


Paneer Subz (Classic Paneer+Veg Biryani - Serves 1)

In this immaculately balanced culinary masterpiece diced fresh vegetables infused with succulent pieces of spiced paneer are layered on a bed of aromatic rice. [Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita]

₹ 378


Dum Gosht (Classic Mutton Biryani, Boneless - Serves 1)

In this treasured recipe of Behrouz, immaculately spiced succulent mutton pieces are layered with basmati & then slow-cooked on a charcoal fire. [Boneless, Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita]

₹ 524


Subz-E-Biryani (Classic Veg Biryani - Serves 1)

Adorned with crisp vegetables, golden-hued long-grain basmati, & the coveted Behrouz spice mix, this dish will lend you an experience unlike any other. [Served with 1 Gulab Jamun & Mint Raita]

₹ 331


Behrouz Biryani

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