The Blenders Cafe in Ravindra Society, Madhapur


The Blenders Cafe

Next Opens at Sunday 08:00 AM

Ravindra Society, Madhapur

Veg only



Healthy Digestion Smoothie

Perfect blend of fibre rich beetroot and papaya for a healthy digestion (Beetroot + Mango + Papaya + Milk)

₹ 199

Vitamin Factory Smoothie

The only factory in town to recharge your body with vitamin rich spinach and pineapple (Spinach + Muskmelon + Mango + Pineapple)

₹ 199

Stress Buster Smoothie

Keep calm and drink our smoothie to soothe your nerves with the goodness of kiwi and melon (Muskmelon + Pineapple + Kiwi + Lemon)

₹ 199

The Pit Stop Smoothie

Go the extra mile with our pit stop energy fix of apple, chikoo and pistachio (Chikoo + Apple + Pistachio + Almond + Milk)

₹ 199

Forever 21 Smoothie

Age is just a number with the goodness of custard apple (Custard Apple + Strawberry + Banana + Milk)

₹ 199

Hydration Fuel Smoothie

Refuel your body with refreshing watermelon and strawberry (Watermelon + Strawberry + Lemon)

₹ 199

Iron Man Smoothie

Get your daily dose with our perfect blend of jamun and pomegranate (Jamun + Pomegranate + Greek Yogurt)

₹ 199

Popeye Punch Smoothie

The sailor mans favorite and most nutritious supplement (Spinach + Apple + Mango + Banana + Greek Yogurt)

₹ 199

Vitamin Sea Smoothie

A spicy smoothie packed with Vitamin C for all the guava lovers (Guava + Pineapple + Kiwi + Banana + Greek Yogurt)

₹ 199

Berry Defense Smoothie

When life gives you berries, drinks a many berry smoothie (Blueberry + Raspberry + Strawberry + Pomegranate + Banana + Greek Yogurt)

₹ 299

The Blenders Cafe

Suryadevara Roja

Plot No 461,Ravindra society, Guttala Begumpet, Madhapur, Hyderabad

License No. 13619013000484

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