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Fresh Coconut Water (Natural)(280 Ml)

Absolutely fresh and all natural coconut water. Harvested from handpicked tender coconuts, straightaway bottled and chilled. Taste, flavour & nutrition intact.

₹ 65

Arabian Pulpy Grape (Regular 210 Ml)

A deliciously sweet and tangy grape drink with juicy real grape pulp in every gulp. An exotic Arabian drink made of fine quality red and black grapes.

₹ 65

Kokum Jeera Soda (Regular 280 Ml)

A refreshing drink made from Kokum juice extract and warm, earthy cumin powder. A tropical joy and an excellent digestive aid.

₹ 55

Watermelon Delight (Regular 210 Ml Plastic Bottle)

Fresh and chilled watermelon juice along with crisp watermelon bits. An ultimate thirst quencher

₹ 55

Special Lemon Sharbat

₹ 62


Plot 1422, Rajarajeswari Colony, Hi-Tension Rd, Golden Tulip Estate, JV Hills, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084

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