Golisoda in Falcon Valley, Shaikpet

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Falcon Valley, Shaikpet

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Fresh Coconut Water (Regular 280 Ml Plastic Bottle)

Absolutely fresh and all natural coconut water. Harvested from handpicked tender coconuts, straightaway bottled and chilled. Taste, flavour & nutrition intact.


Arabian Pulpy Grape (Regular 210 Ml Plastic Bottle)

A deliciously sweet and tangy grape drink with juicy real grape pulp in every gulp. An exotic Arabian drink made of fine quality red and black grapes.


Nannari (Sarsaparilla) Sharbat (Regular 280 Ml Plastic Bottle)

A sweet, soothing sharbat made from aromatic root herb extract with a hint of lime. An excellent coolant and a childhood summertime memory


Spiced Butter Milk (Regular 280 Ml Plastic Bottle)

Traditional village style buttermilk made from rich curd churned and spiced up with Indian condiments. A comforting memory from grandmothers kitchen.


Kokum Jeera Soda (Regular 280 Ml Plastic Bottle)

A refreshing drink made from Kokum juice extract and warm, earthy cumin powder. A tropical joy and an excellent digestive aid.


Watermelon Delight (Regular 210 Ml Plastic Bottle)

Fresh and chilled watermelon juice along with crisp watermelon bits. An ultimate thirst quencher


Fresh Coconut Water (Signature)(280 Ml)


Fresh Coconut Water (Natural)(280 Ml)


milk indulgences

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Fruit Milk (Regular 210 Ml Plastic Bottle)

A house speciality Fresh fruit infused in the goodness of creamy, thickened milk. Loaded with fresh tropical fruits and roasted nuts and served chilled. A healthy dessert drink


Kesar Badam Milk (Regular 210 Ml Plastic Bottle)

A handful of nourishing almonds blended with rich saffron infused milk and aromatic spices. A royal dessert drink topped with crisp roasted almond bits.


Rose Milk (Regular 210 Ml Plastic Bottle)

Utterly delicious, flavoursome indulgence made from creamy milk and rose petal syrup


Kadhu Ki Kheer (Regular 210 Ml Plastic Bottle)


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