Monty's Chicken Wings in Sushant Lok 1

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Monty's Chicken Wings

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Sushant Lok 1

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Sri Lankan Dry Rub (No Dipping Sauce Required)

This exotic flavour will transport you to the sunny beaches of colombo


Tibetan Dry Rub (No Dipping Sauce Required)

Take a bite and feel like you have reached the roof of the world


Kolhapuri Dry Rub (No Dipping Sauce Required)

Presenting our own version of the Kolhapuri spicy kunda lehsuni masala this masala is made with onion, garlic, coconut and chilli apart from many more condiments. Various Flavours burst in your mouth at the same time


BBQ Chilli (No Dipping Sauce Required)

BBQ sauce and hot sauce come together to create this mouth watering flavour


Garlic With Parmesan Cheese

Incorporates the amazing flavours of garlic and parmesan cheese


Honey BBQ (No Dipping Sauce Required)

Tangy BBQ flavour with the sweetness of honey. If you try real hard you cloud actually smell the BBQ


Bacon And Cheese

Made with bacon pieces and cheese the finished flavour is a must try for bacon and cheese lovers


Montys Signature Flavour

Montys signature flavour is our humble tribute to the original buffalo wings. As you can imagine, buffalos do not have wings. Chicken wings as a dish trace their origins to buffalo new york



Desi Tadka

This is our take on the popular north indian tandoori chicken flavour. Made with our in house chat pitta spice mix every bite will make your life more masaledar


Kolkata Chicken Bharta

Served with 2 pcs Rumali roti. Shredded chicken cooked in a thick creamy gravy full of flavour no wonder that its a big hit amongst the dhaba food loving people of kolkata. This is our humble tribute to the city of food joy


License No. 20817005000635

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