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Ashok Nagar

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idlies & dosa


Podi Idli Standard Box

Contains two podi idli. Podi of your choice

₹ 48


Podi Idli Meal Box

Contains two podi idlies wrapped in banana leaf served with authentic side dishes like morkozhambu, thakkali kozhambu and thakkali chutney

₹ 72


Tawa Fried Butter Podi Idli

Podified, cut, buttered, garnished, tawa fried

₹ 120

Thayir Podi Idli (1 Pc)

Podi idli diped in spicy curd mix, garnished with bhujia sev

₹ 60

Thayir Podi Idli (2 Pcs)

Podi idli dipped in spicy curd mix, garnished with bhujia sev

₹ 120


Contains two pieces of butter onion podi dosa served with poondu kozhambu & special chutney

₹ 96


Vella Dosa (1 Pc)

Multilayered sweet surprise that with the secret ingredients

₹ 84


Number 17, 18th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083

License No. 22419544000104

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