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Ciclo Life

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RA Puram

Veg only


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Say Paneer

This whole wheat roll with sriracha marinated cottage cheese and roasted onion and capsicum is sure to fire you up, 393 calories


Zucchini To My Heart

A perfect balance of grilled zucchini and bell peppers with mozzarella and a zingy pesto dressing, 460 Calories


Pesto Chicken

Whole wheat roll with pesto chicken, fried egg and garlic aioli, 402 calories


veg salads

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Barley Legal

Barley and roasted veggies dance with pomegranate in a delicious raspberry lemon vinaigrette, must try, 429 calories


Pineapple Express

Broccoli and pineapple star in an award winning production supported by basil - garlic vinaigrette, devour this flick with pinch of salt, 527 calories


Wheat & Beet And One Smoked Garlic

Cracked wheat it's off the hook & roasted beetroot plan a heist with one big smoking garlic. the critics love it, 575 calories


Millets Of The Meeting

Millet, spinach, baby corn and peppers deliver a big audacious project with inputs from a delicious tomato coulis, exceeds expectations, 492 calories


The Incredible Melon

Muskmelon, cherry tomatoes, olives and feta get superpowers after exposure to some passion fruit - mustard vinaigrette, don't make it angry, 326 calories


Kung Fu Noodle

Bruce Lee ain't got no flex here! soy - ginger and sweet chilli dressing deliver the punch to bok choy, sprouts and some fantastic rice noodles, 510 calories


The Spaghetti Incident

Hard rock in a bowl, spaghetti in a roasted tomato dressing, comfort food masquerading as a salad, 609 calories


Chickpea And The City

Spiced chickpeas on a night about town, sipping on some lemon coriander vinaigrette, cheers, 634 calories


When Paneer Met Tandoori

A classic love affair, tandoori paneer and yogurt masala dressing star in a cute little rom com, drizzled with onions and capsicum this one is a treat for your tastebuds, 312 calories


non veg salads

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Egg Salad

Wholesome and healthy! Eggs, beans, potatoes and carrots smothered in a dill - mustard mayo dressing. What's not to love, 506 Calories


Chicken Tikka Salad

Salads chicken tikka salad punjabs biggest export, now in a salad, terrific tikkas in a delicious yogurt masala dressing, blessed with the crunch of onions, 454 calories


Pulled Chicken Salad

Pulled chicken, baby potato, roasted peppers all tanged up with cranberry and garlic, do your mouth a flavour, 438 Calories


The Big Teriyaki

Zucchini and carrot zoodles tossed together with pan fried teriyaki chicken, alfalfa sprouts and cabbage with a spicy red chilli splash- a cult classic, 537 calories


Prawn Caesar Salad

Caesar salad with prawns. need we say more, 500 calories


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