Andhra Snacking in Taramani

Street Food

Andhra Snacking

Next Opens at Wednesday 04:00 PM


Veg only

quick bites


Punugulu (8 Pcs)

Deep fried rice & urad dal batter mixed up with onions, coriander, carrot and other veggies

₹ 59

Banana Bajji (3 Pcs)

Raw banana made into perfect cut and dipped in Bajji batter and deep fired made a central cut tossed up with onion, coriander squeezed with lime juice and seasoned with Andhra powder

₹ 59

Potato Bajji (3 Pcs)

Potato is made into circular shape and coated with Bajji batter and fried and served with optional seasoning powder

₹ 59

Andhra Snacking

Kroods technologies pvt ltd

Sai Andhra Snacks , opp to Taramani IIT gate ,Pilliyar Kovil Street ,Taramani ,Chennai -600113

License No. 22419551000490

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