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Cheesy Roll

An eazeee peazy whole wheat cheesy roll laden with sauteed veg, mustard cheese sauce, sirka onions and a dash of creamy dal is all you need to keep you grounded this IPL season. Allergen information: Gluten, dairy, soy, vinegar, nutmeg

₹ 141

Chutney Cheese Kulcha Burger - Semi

An appeasing and yummy quick bite this IPL season. Innovative kulcha burger layered with peanut chutney, cheese sauce and veggie spread. Allergen information: Gluten, dairy, nutmeg, nut

₹ 122

Spicy Dilli Kulcha Burger - Semi

Burst of emotions this IPL season? We give you burst of flavours in our new age desi spicy dilli kulcha burger to complement your IPL experience. Allergen information: Gluten, dairy, nutmeg

₹ 113

Soya Matar Roll

Roll with our delicious whole wheat roll filled with soya matar masala, peanut chutney and sauteed pepper to appease your hunger as you watch the game. Allergen information: Gluten, nut, soy

₹ 141

Omelette Pao - Single

An ultimate food for IPL enthusiasts! Fluffy pao layered with omelette, cheese sauce and balsamic roasted onions. Allergen information: Egg, gluten, dairy

₹ 94

Chicken Keema Pao - Single

Your well seasoned IPL companion - yummy masaledar keema pao loaded with minced chicken. Allergen information: Gluten, dairy, nut, traces of mushroom and celery.

₹ 122

Egg Roll

A quick and fulfilling roll for your hunger pangs while watching the IPL matches. Spicy cheese sauce, sauteed peppers and omelette rolled within whole wheat paratha will leave you with dancing flavours. Allergen information: Egg, gluten, dairy, vinegar, nutmeg

₹ 141


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