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2 Tiramisu Cupcakes

Super moist vanilla eggless cupcake with a fabulous italian espresso cream frosting and a light dusting of premium cocoa powder. It is a delicious pick-me-up treat that carries that extra pizzaz. This exceptional cupcake is light and soft which makes it very hard to stop at having just one. A true tiramisu lover is certain to get hooked with the first look & that first bite. It isophistication screams celebration be it a lovely intimate dinner or a special friends & family festivity!

₹ 110

2 Butterscotch Cupcakes

Super-moist vanilla eggless cupcake that beautifully complements our signature vanilla lite-buttercream. The gorgeous swirl of our lite-buttercream serves as a delicate seat for the golden silky smooth butterscotch sauce drizzle. Butter and brown sugar combine to create a rich butterscotch flavor that showcases layers of depth as you bite into the cupcake. This butterscotch cupcake is a crowd pleaser, be it a birthday party or an office party. Perfect for any occasion!

₹ 110

2 Strawberry Cupcakes

A pink strawberry eggless cupcake with a generous filling of real strawberry pulp and a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth strawberry lite-buttercream frosting. The literal icing on the cupcake is the beautiful satiny pink rose-shaped frosting. To denote dew drops, silver sprinkles are delicately sprinkled on the frosting, making it look like it was plucked from a fairy tale wedding. This gorgeous cupcake pairs easily with a princess theme celebration or baby girl announcement!

₹ 110

2 Choco Vanilla Cupcakes

A throwback to the era of black & white matinee idols. This rich dark chocolate eggless cupcake is a nod to all things classic & timeless. Our fluffy vanilla lite-buttercream frosting is piped to look like a dainty white rose, perched against the dark chocolate cupcake. And that?s not all a gossamer drizzle of chocolate sauce veils the frosting tastefully. This cupcake is a big hit with any party, be it at office or home. It lends itself easily to be paired with any theme birthday, anniversary.

₹ 110

2 Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

A classic triple chocolate extravaganza! our rich dark chocolate eggless cupcake is a seat to our signature fluffy chocolate lite-buttercream frosting piped to look like a glorious chocolate rose. A thin layer of chocolate drizzle veils the frosting in wicked sexiness. Chocolate worshipers are sure to pledge allegiance to this piece of pure indulgence. This cupcake is one of our all time hits, so much so that it holds a position of permanence on our menu due to extremely popular demand!

₹ 110

2 Chocolate Cakes

A rich dark chocolate eggless cupcake that has a special place in our menu. The richness of the cupcake is enhanced not with cream but a generous dark chocolate glaze. If you are counting calories or want a little something that hits your sweet spot without hitting your waistline then look no further. This cupcake is a popular choice for both our 60-year old youngster and slightly younger youngsters. One of our fastest moving flavors for all the right reasons!

₹ 110

2 Blueberry Cupcakes

A fruity soft eggless cupcake in all its blueberry glory. Blueberry fruit pulp is added to the batter to give the cupcake that unique blueberry flavour in every bite. This delicious cupcake is enhanced with our signature vanilla lite-buttercream frosting that is frosted to look like an elegant white rose. True to it?s color to enhance the cupcake?s appeal, little blue sprinkles are sprinkled gently on top. By virtue of this color code, it?s been a popular choice for baby boy announcement!

₹ 110

2 Irish Coffee Cupcakes

A recreation of a classic gentlemans favorite. A rich dark chocolate eggless cupcake is topped with our signature irish coffee flavoured lite-buttercream frosting. Thats not all, a generous drizzle of irish coffee takes this cupcake to a whole another level. Not overly sweet, it is a perfect accompaniment for an elegant evening coffee spread. Psst! this flavor is a big hit at any office party, want to curry favours? you have the perfect ammo!

₹ 110

2 Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

Our cookies & cream cupcakes are made using real oreo cookies for that distinct oreo richness. Sitting atop a chocolate eggless cupcake is our fluffy vanilla lite-buttercream frosting topped with a generous heaping of oreo cookie crumbs. This flavour flies off the table when served at any kids birthday party. Be sure to order enough to prevent any cupcake shortage kiddy mutiny, it is that good and that popular with our youngest customers!

₹ 110

2 Spanish Caramel Cupcakes

A very vanilla-y light eggless cupcake with a surprise filling of golden caramel, baked into the cupcake. Standing atop this is an arresting three color vanilla lite-buttercream swirl. Not only is this cupcake visually pleasing, the rich spanish caramel filling is sure to do a flamenco on your tongue. If a 16th century spanish galleon had spotted this treasure, the captain would have dumped all their treasure to fill their decks with this fetching piece of art!

₹ 110

Biteme Cupcakes

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