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UFO Fries & Corn

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Pimple Saudagar

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regular fries

Classic Salted Fries

Fries tossed with salt

₹ 90

Peri Peri Fries

Fries tossed with soft & spice mix

₹ 110

Say Cheese Fries

Fries loaded with orange cheese

₹ 120

supreme fries

Cheesy Pesto Fries

Fusion of basil pesto sauce & orange cheese

₹ 160

Smoky Fries

Peri peri tossed fries with barbeque & orange cheese

₹ 160

Mexicano Fries

Mexican salsa sauce with crushed nachos & orange cheese

₹ 170

English Fries

Chipotle gravy with crushed nachos, orange cheese & baked beans

₹ 170

Veggie Decker Fries

Jalapeno cheese + white cheese + salsa + sweet chilly tossed with crispy fries to indulge

₹ 170

exotic fries

Kadai Paneer Fries

Fries topped with smoked gravy garnished with tandoori malai paneer & spring onions

₹ 170

3 Cheese Fries

Italian oregano cheese & orange cheese on fries sprinkled with yummilicious grated cheese

₹ 170

Nutella Fries

Hot chocolate & nutella spreaded over crispy fries and garnished with chocolate vermicelli

₹ 160

Spicy Nachos Fries

Mexican cheesy gravy & white cheese topped with cheesy tortillas & baked beans

₹ 170

Special Nachos Fries

Mexican salsa gravy & white cheese topped with cheesy tortillas & baked beans

₹ 150

UFO Special Fries

Perfect ingredients of mexican chipotle sauce, bbq sauce & white cheese

₹ 150

Cheesy Pepper Fries

Tangy italian gravy with spicy garlic chilli & white cheese topped with 3 cheese nuggets

₹ 160

Spicy Cheese Burst Fries

Our bestselling spicy mozzarella liquid cheese, mexican gravy & white cheese

₹ 160

Maggi Fries

Maggi flavoured creamy sauce garnished with fried maggi noodles & magic masala

₹ 150

Alien Fries

A unique combination of peri peri spicy mix, sweet chilli, jalapeno sauce & white cheese garnished with jalapeno slices

₹ 150

7 Dip Fries

Option of selecting only 7 sauce dips with salted fries in a platter

₹ 170

special fries

Cheesy Mayo Fries

Fries topped with mayo & orange cheese

₹ 120

Barbeque Fries

A smoky flavor of bbq sauce & white cheese

₹ 120

Jalapeno Cheese Fries

Jalapeno sauce, white cheese on fries garnished with jalapeno slices

₹ 130

Pizza Cheese Fries

A perfect blend of pizza gravy & white cheese garnished with black olives

₹ 130

Barbeque Pizza Fries

Pizza gravy, smoky bbq sauce & white cheese garnished with black olives

₹ 140

Italian Fries

Tangy arrabiata pasta gravy & white cheese garnished with black olives

₹ 130

Mexican Salsa Fries

Sweet & tangy salsa sauce & white creamy cheese

₹ 130

Chipotle Cheese Fries

Mexican cheesy chipotle sauce & white creamy cheese

₹ 140

Sweet Chilli Cheese Fries

Sweet & spicy taste of red chilli, sweet chilli & white cheese

₹ 120

Thousand Island Fries

Oregano cheesy sauce with white cheese

₹ 130

Chilli Sweet Onion Fries

Sweet onion sauce, red chilli & white cheese

₹ 130

Honey Mustard Fries

English sweet honey mustard sauce & white cheese

₹ 130

spicy fries

Peri Peri Cheese Fries

African peri peri spicy mix with white cheese on top

₹ 120

Schezwan Cheese Fries

A medium spicy schezwan sauce with white cheese

₹ 120

Garlic Chilli Cheese Fries

Spicy garlic chilli gravy with white cheese for brave hearts

₹ 120

Chilli Cheese Fries

Soothing taste of red chilli sauce & white cheese

₹ 120

indian fries

Tandoori Mayo Fries

Spicy tandoori gravy balanced with creamy creamy mayo

₹ 120

Makhani Cheese Fries

North indian gravy with white cheese

₹ 120

UFO Fries & Corn

shaikh chowk, Kaspate Wasti, Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra 411057

License No. 11518037001269

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