The Biryani Life in Sangvi


The Biryani Life


Veg only

biryani served with raita (serves 1)


Egg-ceptional Biryani

[Served with Raita] Everyone has that one friend according to whom anda toh veg hai. Seasoned boiled eggs top fragrant basmati, cooked dum style, making this biryani every eggetarians dream.

₹ 240


Chicken Biryani (Boneless)

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] [Served with Raita] Indian spices marinate juicy boneless chicken with a warm blanket of slow cooked, dum style fragrant basmati rice.

₹ 287


Majestic Mutton Biryani (Boneless)

[Served with Raita] If biryanis had a king, Mutton Biryani would always rule! spiced boneless mutton married with fragrant basmati , slow cooked to create what biryani dreams are made of.

₹ 366


Peppy Paneer Biryani

[Served with Raita] Ever had a friend say paneer samjh ke kha le? Well, heres the real deal! Soft pieces of marinated paneer mingled with dum cooked basmati rice and whole spices.

₹ 261


Ghar Wali Veg Biryani

[Served with Raita] No argument here, this is a Biryani and not a pulao. Dum cooked long-grain basmati rice layered in with all the vegetables that mom said are good for you

₹ 231


The Biryani Life

Milkat no 47/3/165,Ground floor,Survey no 12,Haridra building near Nursingh high school, Shitole nagar,Sangvi Pune

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