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Shahji's Parantha House

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paratha thalis


Aloo Paratha Thali ( Original Style)

The same classic potato stuffed paratha with the real flavours of Punjab

₹ 165

Aloo Banarasi Paratha Thali

Chosen from the rustic banarasi cuisine, which is known for its flavours, banarasi style potatoes stuffed and griddled to perfection

₹ 180

Gobi Masala Paratha Thali

Mild flavours of cauliflower proves to be very satisfactory when mixed up with freshly ground spices and above mentioned accompaniments

₹ 165

Methi Hariyali Paratha Thali

Bitter is better yes the flavour of fresh fenugreek leaves with spices turns the parathas heavenly. Experience the drama of different flavour with all the accompaniments

₹ 165

Veg Dilliwala Paratha Thali

We call it magical one can experience all the Punjabi flavours in a single paratha, heavenly combination of veggies and some mild spices

₹ 180

Aloo Gobi Paratha Thali

The heavenly duo of potatoes and cauliflower with top secret spices doubles the flavour of paratha

₹ 180

Dal Lasooni Paratha Thali

This is our gourmet paratha which has mild flavours of pulses and roasted garlic. An awesome combination when presented hot with a dollop of butter

₹ 180

Mirch Ajwain Paratha Thali

Hot spicy flavourful pungent because of chillies, aromatic because of thymol seeds famous because of its simplicity

₹ 165

Papad Paratha Thali

Crushed crisp papad, onion tomatoes and spices stuffed in paratha yes its different Try and then come to a conclusion

₹ 180

Veg Biryani Paratha Thali

What can be more dramatic than this preparation paratha stuffed with real veg dum biryani

₹ 180

Paneer Paratha Thali

Juicy and succulent cottage cheese mixed with spices and fresh Indian herbs rolled into a paratha worth trying

₹ 200

Paneer Bhurji Paratha Thali

The smoky cottage cheese crumbled and cooked with onions and fresh herbs stuffed into a paratha that will tickle your taste buds

₹ 200

Cheesy Cheese Paratha Thali

Melange de trio three types of cheese with the hint of Punjabi herbs and spices creates a factor called Wow

₹ 200

Aloo Cheese Paratha Thali

Mild potatoes mixed with flavourful cheese and a hint of Punjabi herbs and spices is what it is

₹ 200

Shahji's Parantha House 43,Hissa -1/2/5/15, 354,348,Nagar Road,Kharadi,Tal Haveli D,Pune,Kharadi

License No. 11519034000856

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