Salad Men in Viman Nagar


Salad Men

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Viman Nagar

Veg only



Potato Wedges

₹ 100

Peri Peri Wrinkled Curly French Fries

₹ 120

Peri Peri Potato Wedges

₹ 130

Chefs Secret Spice Potato Wedge

₹ 130

Chefs Secret Spice Wrinkled Curly French Files

₹ 120

Garlic Bread

₹ 80

Special Spiced Garlic Bread

₹ 90

Double Cheese Italian Melt Garlic Bread

In house brown bread grilled to perfection with a blanket of mozzarella & cream cheese

₹ 110

Wrinkled Curly French Fries

₹ 100

Salad Men

Shop 9, Plot 76, 199/204/205, Konark Arcade, Viman Nagar, Pune

License No. 21519162001538

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