The Good food Bowl in Pimple Saudagar

North Indian

The Good food Bowl

Next Opens at Tuesday 11:00 AM

Pimple Saudagar

Veg only

desi bowls

desi bowls(5 items)

Pindi Chole Rice Bowl

Chole-Chawal-salad. Packed in a warm bowl. So much comfort in two sentences that it doesnt spare much room for us to write anything.


Dal Makhani Rice Bowl

We had you at Dal Makhani, did we not? Add rice and salad to the mix and we wonder if you will forget us and be baes with a bowl.


Butter Chicken Rice Bowl

Butter chicken and rice, with a side of salad. We are serious when we tell you with this by your side, you can win the world.


Rajma Rice Bowl

Life is good. Thats what a bowl of hot Rajma-Chawal tells you at the very first whiff. Right?


Paneer Masala Rice Bowl


fusion bowls

fusion bowls(6 items)

Chicken Tikki Rice Bowl

Well tell you what a good life is. Its juicy chicken tikkis dropped over moghlai gravy and paired with rice. As simple as that.


Bhuna Chicken Rice Bowl

A complete meal, like the complete man right here with our Bhuna chicken, salad and rice bowl!


Paneer Tikka Rice Bowl

Who knew paneer tikka would taste so amazing over moughlai gravy right? Trust us, it does. And with rice, it weaves a dream.


Mughlai Chicken Kofta Rice Bowl

Chicken meatballs dropped in bubbling moughlai gravy, ladled over fluffy rice. Bowl goals if you ask us.


Hara Bhara Kabab Rice Bowl


Tandoori Chicken Rice Bowl


biryani bowls

biryani bowls(3 items)

Paneer Biryani Bowl

Layers of soft, fresh paneer and frgrant zafran laden rice! Our zaikedaar paneer biryani is all flavours, no faff.


Chicken Biryani Bowl

Lazeez describes our chicken biryani bowl quite right, and its delicious in its own right too.


Vegetable Biryani Bowl

You can argue there is no such thing as vegetable biryani but wed ask you to give this a try before you join the bandwagon.


healthy sides

healthy sides(2 items)

Masala Chaas


Sweet Lassi


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