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Falafel Roll

Ground chickpeas & broad beans, deep fried & served with tahini, garlic & hummus sauce in pita bread

₹ 149

Paneer Makhani Roll

Freshly diced cottage cheese in a fairly dry makhani gravy, wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 169

Paneer Tikka Roll

Fresh cottage cheese marinated in yogurt, lightly spiced, cooked in a tandoor & wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 169

Atishi Aloo Roll

Lightly pickled and spiced potatoes, chargrilled and wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 169

Minced Paneer Roll

Fresh cottage cheese minced with onions, tomatoes, herbs, cooked on a tawa & wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 169

Tandoori Mushrooms Roll

Button mushroom marinated in yoghurt and chilli paste served with roasted onion wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 169

Lehsuni Paneer Roll

Garlic scented cottage cheese tikkas

₹ 169


Baydra Bhurji Roll

Scrambled egg with chopped tomatoes onion, and coriander, wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 109

non veg

Dajaj Tikka Roll

Juicy boneless chicken marinated in a spice mix & yogurt, braised on charcoal, wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 169

Chicken & Cheese Roll

Juicy chicken marinated with white pepper and yoghurt, wrapped in rumali roti with layer of a cheese

₹ 169

Dajaj Bhuna Roll

Fairly dry medium chicken curry, wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 189

Dajaj Makhani Roll

Tender chicken tikkas in a semi dry makhani gravy

₹ 189

Butter Chicken Roll

Shredded chicken, flavoured in rich tomato gravy of butter & cream, wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 189

Dajaj Seekh Roll

Chicken minced with onions and herbs barbecued and wrapped in rumali roti

₹ 189

Dajaj Baydra Roti

Shredded chicken tikka mixed and herbs barbecued on skewers, wrapped in rumali roti.

₹ 239


Shop 7, Vishnu Puri Apartment, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune

License No. 11515034000599

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