Calicut Biryani in Baner


Calicut Biryani

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Chicken 65

Classic appetizer where chicken in 65 marination is fried with green chilies and curry leaves

₹ 195

Chicken Roast

A semi-dry chicken appetizer made with marinated chicken is cooked in fragrant spices powder and a tomato base

₹ 225

Chicken Leg Fry

Juicy chunks of chicken leg pieces well seasoned with spices and golden fried to perfection

₹ 235

Buff Fry

Street style appetizer where chunks of beef is slow-roasted in a mixture of spices, onions, curry leaves and green chilies

₹ 235

Buff Roast

The country style semi-dry meat roast, cooked with Calicut spices in iron pans with a lot of curry leaves.

₹ 235

Calicut Biryani

1st Floor, Atria Building, Baner Kamaan, Baner Road, Above ICICI Bank, Baner, Pune

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