Pedigree Adult Dog Treat Chicken In Gravy Style


₹ 30

Product Description

With the right balance of antioxidants and calcium to strengthen his bones and kick start his immune system, calcium and vitamin E for protection as he grows and the right amount of minerals to help him develop healthy teeth, Zinc and Vitamin B to help him look and feel as gorgeous as the day you first saw him, this easily digestible rice helps to keep him healthy from the inside out. The Calcium and phosphorous strengthens joints. Important Information Country of origin : India The product image(s) shown are for representation purposes only. The actual product may vary. It is recommended to read the product labels (if any), batch details, directions for use, etc., as contained in the actual product before consuming and/or utilizing the product. The product is meant for fresh and immediate consumption, or as specified by the seller of the product. For other information, please contact the merchant directly.

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