Parle G Biscuit

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The fate of a nation lies in the hands of the smart young masterminds it produces. As we know, the younger generation has a certain dislike for most nutritious food items and a higher demand for taste. Parle Original Glucose biscuits, also known as Parle-G, provide us with this combination of taste and nutrition. Parle-G is made with a combination of milk and wheat particles along with vanilla flavouring and other such ingredients normally used in biscuits. Sugar and the flavouring add to the biscuits' taste. Milk and wheat are meant to improve the functioning of the brain. Parle Original Glucose biscuits have an appeal both to the parents and to the children. Parle Original Glucose biscuits help in the overall growth of the children's health and personality. Parle-G is available in stores in a low-priced 846g pack. The "G" in Parle-G stands for Genius. Parle Original Glucose biscuits provide every youngster with a tasty way to develop their brain and become a genius. Overall, Parle-G is a biscuit worth its price and the 846g pack is an excellent find.

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