Orijen Adult Original Dog Food

2 Kgs

₹ 1999

Product Description

It contains 38% protein, and limited low-glycemic carbohydrates, Orijen Six Fish nourishes dogs of all life stages according to their evolutionary and biological needs. With a mix of raw, fresh and air dried fish, and supplemented with Nutrient-dense WholePrey (trademarked), this dog food provides virtually every nutrient your dog needs to thrive only zinc and copper are added. Infusions of freeze-dried cod liver enhance flavour naturally, making Orijen deliciously tasty, even for fussy eaters. Important Information The product image(s) shown are for representation purposes only. The actual product may vary. It is recommended to read the product labels (if any), batch details, directions for use, etc., as contained in the actual product before consuming and/or utilizing the product. The product is meant for fresh and immediate consumption, or as specified by the seller of the product. For other information, please contact the merchant directly.

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