Klf Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil


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Popularly known as the Miracle Oil, Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a light, mild and wholesome oil, loaded with the goodness of lauric (monolaurin, extracted from lauric acid, which is also found in mothers milk) and antioxidants, which ensures that you bring home a whole host of health and beauty benefits with every bottle. Nirmal VCO is free from preservatives, chemicals, artificial colours and genetic modification. It is extracted without the application of heat which preserves all the nutritional value of a coconut and literally transfers it into a bottle. Important Information Country of origin : India Shelf life : 9 Months The product image(s) shown are representative of the actual product. It is recommended to read the labels, batch details, manufacturing details, expiration date, list of ingredients, directions, and warnings, etc., as contained in the actual product label before consuming or utilizing the product. For other information, please contact the merchant or the manufacturer through the contact details as provided on the label.

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