Keraglo Ad Shampoo

75 Ml

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Product Description

In keraglo ad shampoo, aloe vera exhibits its healing properties by treating flaking and itchy scalp, thereby resolving the scalp inflammation that is caused by dandruff. it also acts by penetrating through the hair follicles and improves the damaged and dry hair.d-panthenol is a provitamin of b5. the drug acts by repairing and reducing the roughness of the hair, thereby nourishing and moisturizing the hair scalp. also, it penetrates through the skin and reduces the itching and inflammation caused by dandruff. ichthyol pale is an anti-dandruff agent, which protects the hair scalp by reducing the itching and irritation caused due to dandruff. thus, it controls dandruff and protects the hair. ketoconazole belongs to the class of drugs called azole anti-fungal drugs. the drug acts by inhibiting the transformation of yeast to mycelial forms, thereby stopping the action of yeast and fungi from causing an infection.

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