Britannia Treat Cocoa Creme Croissants


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Product Description

Treat Your Taste Buds With This All New Indulgent Britannia Treat Croissant Made Using The Best Flour From Across The Country, Kneaded Into The Softest Dough And Baked To Perfection. Every Bite Of The Delicious Treat Gives The Heavenly Taste Of Smooth, Velvety Cr�me Made With Cocoa, Oozing Out Of Layers Of Soft, Fluffy Bread That Will Melt In Your Mouth, Creating An Irresistible Experience. It Is A Unique Twist On Your Everyday Snack, Perfect To Curb Mid-Day Cravings Or Midnight Hunger Pangs. Important Information Country of origin : India Shelf life : 4 months The product image(s) shown are representative of the actual product. It is recommended to read the labels, batch details, manufacturing details, expiration date, list of ingredients, directions, and warnings, etc., as contained in the actual product label before consuming or utilizing the product. For other information, please contact the merchant or the manufacturer through the contact details as provided on the label.

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