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Veg only

quick bites


White Dhokla

Gujarati dhokla prepared using rice, dhuli urad dal , yoghurt this dish is an ideal breakfast recipe. Served hot in (750 ml) container

₹ 140

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana vada are crisp fried patties made with tapioca pearls, peanuts and mashed potatoes. Served (2 Pcs)

₹ 85

Batata Kanda Poha

Prepared with fuss free ingredients like parched rice (poha), boiled potatoes, onion. Served in (450 ml) container

₹ 85


Dabeli, a spicy potato mixture combined with onions, garlic chutney, meetha chutney, spiced masala peanuts and stuffed in pav. Serving (2 Pcs)

₹ 80

Kanda Poha

Prepared with fuss free ingredients like parched rice (poha), onion. Prepared in sunflower oil. Served in 450 ml container

₹ 85


Chana Chaat

Chana chaat is a delicious, tasty, tangy and easy chaat snack made from chana, spice powders, onions, tomatoes and lemon. Served in (300 ml) of container.

₹ 130

Pav Bhaji (1 Pcs)

Mix white dhokla + kaman dhokla

₹ 160


Khaman Dhokla

khaman dhokla is soft and fluffy, mildly tangy-sweet and a great snack anytime of the day. khaman dhokla or khaman as its called, is a savory steamed cake made from gram flour (besan)

₹ 140

Dal Dhokla (Gujarati)

₹ 205

Mix Dhokla

White and kaman dhokla mix

₹ 140


Paneer Tikka Wrap

₹ 149

Paneer Kathi Wrap

₹ 149

Pindi Chole Wrap

₹ 149

Veg Falafel Wrap

₹ 149


Aloo Bhaji Thepla Roll

₹ 149

Mixed Veg Suhana Roll

₹ 149

Veg Kathi Roll

₹ 149

Tava Paneer Roll

₹ 149

hummus ka khajana�

Beetroot Classic Hummus

₹ 149

Carrot Classic Hummus

₹ 149

Plain Classic Hummus

₹ 149


Classic Maggi

₹ 79

Schezwan Maggi

₹ 119

Miz. Veg Maggi

₹ 119

Maggi Soup Masala

₹ 119

Masala Maggi

₹ 119

All In One Maggi

₹ 119

Aatta Maggi

₹ 119

Tejal's Kitchen


Gala No.6, Shirguppi Industrial Estate, Sakivihar Road, Andheri

License No. 21518024000081

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