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classic parathas

Aloo Paratha

Who does not like the constant aloo paratha, stuffed with a mixture of mashed potato and spices served with our very own dip and butter

₹ 80

Gobi Paratha

Garma garam paratha stuffed with flavoured grated cauliflower really reminds of you of your maa ke haath ka khana

₹ 80

Mooli Paratha

Paratha stuffed with mooli to relish your memories of maa ke haath ka kana

₹ 80

Pyaza Tamatar Paratha

Onions and tomatoes stuffed into the paratha with our lovely spices to make it more appetising

₹ 80

Mixed Paratha

Chefs special an awesome amalgamation of assorted vegetables to give you a delightful paratha

₹ 80

Methi Paratha

The closest thing to what we could replicate that our grandma made Reminds you of home-sweet-home Need we say more

₹ 80

special parathas

Cheese Corn Capsicum Paratha

Our version of delivering a pizza in the form of a paratha You will simply fall in love a must try

₹ 99

Cheese Corn Spinach Paratha

The combination of cheese + corn + spinach is the most mouth watering experience in the world Give it a try

₹ 99

Mattar Paneer Paratha

Paneer mattar ki sabzi stuffed in a paratha, topped with butter and served with dahi

₹ 99

Mushroom Masala Paratha

Finely chopped mushroom mixed with masala stuffed into our parathas, topped with butter and served with dahi

₹ 99

Paneer Do Pyaza Paratha

Paneer and pyaza, thats what this paratha will do to you a must try for all the die-hard punjabi food fans

₹ 99

Aloo Cheese Paratha

Goodness of cheese with our all time aloo paratha

₹ 129

Aloo Schezwan Paratha

Aloo mingled with our schezwan sauce to give you a burst of flavours like never before

₹ 129

Garlic Laccha Cheese Paratha

Every bite of cheese and the flavoursome garlic all in our one laccha paratha

₹ 129

Jalapeno Cheese Paratha

Italian twist to our punjabi paratha with cheese makes you want to smile Try our jalapeno cheese paratha

₹ 129

Aloo Achari Paratha

Mashed potato with a burst of achari flavour all in our lovely paratha, topped with butter and served with our dip

₹ 129

Gobi Schezwan Paratha

For all the chinese lovers in the house This is a mad combination Gobi paratha with an amazing punch of schezwan! Must try

₹ 129

Gobi Achari Paratha

The tingling taste of pickle mixed with the ever green punjabi favourite gobi will make you fall head over heels for this paratha

₹ 129

Cheese Chilli Paratha

Wow This is what your expression once you bite into this amazing blend of chilli and cheese

₹ 129

egg parathas

Egg Special Paratha

Look at the sunny side, our lovely egg paratha or sunday ho ya monday Roz khao ande

₹ 109

Omelette Paratha

Yes You read that right Its an omelette on top of a paratha One of our signature parathas that are a dream for every meal

₹ 109

non veg parathas

Butter Chicken Paratha

Yes You read that right, lovely butter chicken stuffed into our paratha, a combination so delicious that it satisfies your taste buds

₹ 130

Chicken Cheese Paratha

Cheese makes everything better, imagine a paratha with chicken and cheese, we feed you your imagination

₹ 140

Chicken Schezwan Paratha

A blend of schezwan with our punjabi paratha makes a great deal, chicken schezwan paratha takes you on a tour of flavours in the first bit itself, served with our very own schezwan dip

₹ 130

Keema Paratha

Minced chicken with a tons of flavour stuffed into our parathas to give the very best combination, the keema paratha

₹ 130

Garlic Chicken Paratha

Talk about flavours Garlic is divine, fused with chicken into our parathas makes you want to try it now

₹ 130

BBQ Chicken Paratha

All you need is bbq with our delectable chicken paratha

₹ 130

Oye Kiddan

Shop No. 1,Budha Nagar,Nr New Empire, Industrial Estate Gate No. 3, Kondavita Village, Andheri East,Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

License No. 21518023000398

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