Shake On in Regimental Bazaar, Secunderabad


Shake On

Next Opens at Sunday 11:00 AM

Regimental Bazaar, Secunderabad

Veg only


thick milk shakes(21 items)

Dark Belgian Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Most delectable dark choco fudge sunken in creamy thick shake, dark brown bliss


Ferrero Rocher Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Intoxicating Choco fudge n smash of ferrero, in creamy thick shake, crack of a pair


Oreo Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Dark Choco fudge with chunks of oreo bits, drowned in thick milk shake, lushful delight


Original Cin Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Chocolate fudge, sprinkle of cinnamon complimenting with thick creamy choco shake, cins time immemorial


Schokoberry Thick Shake (400 Ml)

German chocolate slathered in a heavenly thick creamy shake, all generously toped off with a lovely strawberry crush, hail lee berryful


Choco Orange Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Molten dark chocolate in a creamy thick shake, all topped off with a lovely orange shot, two to tango


Coffee Choco Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Dark chocolate lops in a thick creamy shake, with exotic Jamaican coffee blend, get last blissfully


Shameless Vanilla Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Plain jane with nothing, just smooth silky vanilla thick shake, freeze to ecstasy


The King Of Thick Shake (400 Ml)

The king of all fruit luscious alphonso mango topping blended with silky smooth vanilla thick shake, crazy mango for it


Berry Nice, Berry Good Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Beautiful blue berry blended to perfection with shots of strawberries topping berries are blue, check out


Mango Green Apple Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Mango and green apple toppings, combination of flavours, generously blended in creamy vanilla thick shake, for that strange, but oh so good slurp


Green Goddess Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Rich kiwi toppings in addictive vanilla thick shake, drizzled with a slurpy sweet mango, lets get dotted inout


Frootality Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Pulpy pineapple with bulbs of orange and topped with blend of strawberry shot, hit the light bulb moment


Lychee Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Luscious lichee dumplings,toppped and blended in blizzard of thick vanilla shake, refreshing need to say


Heavenly Guava Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Pulpy pink Guava pulp blended in hurricane of thick vanilla shake, drooling


The Great Grapes Berry Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Lovely grape topping blended with blast of black currant shot, both yummy and candied


Butter Nutter Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Butterscotch thick shake swimming in a sea of caramel topped with nuts, slathered in some sticky, butter sweet fudge, need we say more?


Fig And Honey Thick Shake (400 Ml)

A tower of butterscotch and vanilla blended with fig topping, engulfed in a shirl of honey, sweet and sinful


Kesar Pistachio Thick Shake (400 Ml)

A towering vanilla thick shake blended with pistachio chunks, engulfed in pistachio topping, go blissfully nuts


Salt Caramel Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Avalanche of peanut and butterscotch and vanilla, blended and engulfed in a whirl of caramel, American obsession


Nutty Badam Thick Shake (400 Ml)

Badam thick shake induced with traditional recipe of badam syrup, pounded with chunks of roasted almonds, india addiction


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