Eggsplode in Road No.1, Banjara Hills

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Road No.1, Banjara Hills

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Scrambled Eggs + Garlic Bread + Lemonade

Two brown eggs scrambled with butter served along crispy garlic bread slices and lime juice mixed with chia seeds to refresh your day like never before

₹ 169

Cheese Overload Omelette + Garlic Bread

Two brown eggs and a generous helping of cheese go into making this one overloaded cheese omelette served along with crispy garlic bread slices

₹ 149

Protein Powerhouse + Cucumber Buttermilk

Enjoy this protein powerhouse omelette made of two egg whites, one whole egg and cheese with the gulp of refreshing buttermilk filled with goodness of freshly chopped cucumber

₹ 179

Sprouts Salad + Boiled Egg + Lemonade

How about a fresh start with sprouts seasoned with lime squeeze, salt n pepper, Served along with two hard boiled brown eggs and lime juice with chia seeds in it to refresh your day like never before.

₹ 169

Egg Sandwich + Lemon Iced Tea

Start your day with this classic egg sandwich made with brown bread along with refreshing lemon iced tea

₹ 179



406,A Block,Maheshwari Towers,Road NO 1,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad

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