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gourmet samosa

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Veggie Spice Samosa (2 Pcs)

The verdant pot pourri of Indian veggies tucked in a crispy Samosa. Lush & healthy.


6 Inch Chicken Kebab Roll Samosa

The elegant kebab roll in our delightfully crusty samosa cover. That perfect beggining to a great evening of food & conversations


Veg Samosa Platter (4 Pcs)

Assorted veg varieties (Aaloo masala, Veggie spice, Kadai paneer, Masala Corn)


Kadai Paneer Samosa (2 Pcs)

For the die hard paneer lovers, the hit mix of juicy paneer, tangy tomatoes & onions in our Samosa . Lipsmackingly rich.


Masala Corn Samosa (2 Pcs)

Farm fresh corn in the magic mix of cheddar cheese & tomatoes. For those who relish their breaks!


Aaloo Masala Samosa (2 Pcs)

The evergreen & the most loved avatar of the samosa. The toast of tea breaks & the first choice of samosa lovers.


sweet cravings

others(2 items)

Chocossa Caramel (2 Pcs)

The sinfully decadent taste of caramel & butterscotch nuts in the dark wraps of our Chocossa.


Chocossa Peanut Butter (2 Pcs)

The simple innocence of Peanut butter packed inside our Chocolate samosa.


deconstruct samosa bowl

others(4 items)

Achari Aaloo Deconstruct Samosa Bowl

Crunchy samosa crispies served with the tangyness of our pickled potato mix & cheese sauce.


Masala Puri Deconstruct Samosa Bowl

Crunchy samosa crispies served with our very own desi & tangy masla puri mix & cheese sauce


Mumbai Bhaaji Decontruct Samosa Bowl

Crunchy samosa crispies served with the delightfully light Mumbai bhaaji & cheese sauce


Bhuna Keema Deconstruct Samosa Bowl

Crunchy samosa crispies served with the royal mix of bhuna keema & cheese sauce


combos & platter

others(3 items)

Bhuna Keema Deconstruct Samosa Bowl Combo

Bhuna Keema Deconstruct Samosa Bowl + Swigg Jeera Masala (2)


Mumbai Bhaaji Deconstruct Samosa Bowl Combo

Mumbai Bhaaji Decontruct Samosa Bowl+ Swigg Jeera Masala (2) )


Veg Samosa Platter & Swig Jeera Masala Combo

Veg Samosa Platter ( 4 pcs ) + Chocossa ( 2 pcs ) + Swigg Jeera Masala (2)



others(1 item)

SWIG Jeera Masala

Aerated drink with the added zing of jeera and masala. A perfect accompaniment to your meal.


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