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INDULGE by InnerChef

Sunlight Colony, Ashram

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Indulgent Brownie

Beware, A bite of this brownie could put you in a chocolate trance so intense, you wont be able to handle it! Dig into the most moist, fudgy, chocolate-y brownie youll ever eat - oh, did we mention its eggless too?



Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

Single? Nah, make ours a double! Enjoy the yin and yang of chocolate in our deliciously moist, fudgy brownie. Studded with white and milk chocolate chips, this eggless brownie is all you need for a good day!



Oreo Brownie

If youre an oreo lover - and really, who isnt? - you are about to meet your dessert soulmate! Decadent, fudgy brownie with a generous treasure of crunchy oreos that take your taste buds to a deliriously happy place!



Fudgy Belgain Chocolate Brownie

Inspired by the classic belgian brownie, this beauty is crafted with love, care and a whole lot of chocolate. Youll find yourself getting nutty surprises, thanks to crunchy walnuts, hiding skilfully in the beautiful, dark, fudgy goodness. Dusted with pristine icing sugar, this treat if shared is sure to put you in the good books of your loved ones



Coffee Almond Brownie

Indulge in this sinful delight - fudgy coffee brownie with a generous dressing of crunchy roasted almonds. With this coffee delight, it will take your taste buds to a deliriously happy ride!




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Chocolate Lava Cake

Guess what time it is? Its the time to succumb to your desires! Dig into this melt-in-your-mouth choco lava cake and feel a wave of indulgence hit you. Dreamy cocoa cake holding a pool of oozing bite and youll be smitten!


Banana Walnut Cake

Tea feeling lonely? Give it some company with this delicate, moist teacake filled with the goodness of ripe bananas and crunchy walnuts!


Ultimate Chocolate Cake

If youve ever fallen in love, youll know what a wonderful feeling it is. Well, we believe that love is just a synonym of chocolate! Dig into this deliriously delicious chocolate cake and youll be smitten with its rich, smooth taste. You can never have enough of chocolate (or love), which is why we have hidden treasures of choco chunks within this brown beauty!


Sunrise Lemon Cake

If it were possible to trap the glorious shining sun in a box, this is what youd get. Spongy lemon cake with a generous drizzle of citrusy sugar syrup, that lends itself very well to a cup of tea or two. Be warned - its addictive and youll want a piece of this sunny love everyday


love in a jar

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Mixed Fruit Almond Cream

This beauty is a dessert that is smoother than all the pickup lines in the world put together. Juicy seasonal fruits and crunchy almonds in a creamy concoction that will blow your mind with every spoonful. Youve been warned!


Espresso Cheesecake

Espresso coffee flavoured cheesecake is a decadent dessert that is a treat for your palate. One bite and we guarantee youll fall head over heels for it


Suji Halwa In A Jar

Indulge in nostalgia that melts in the mouth before it reaches your heart - our delicious, warm suji halwa is just what you need in this chilly weather. With a beautiful flavour of cardamom, garnished with nutty gems of almonds and raisins, one bite takes you to halwa heaven!


Kheer In A Jar

Want to feel like royalty? This dessert does a pretty good job! A melt-in-your-mouth indian rice pudding, with subtle strands of saffron running through it and garnished generously with little nutty jewels of almonds and raisins- doesnt it sound like the perfect treat for a king or queen?


Chocolate Coated Almonds

Chocolate makes everything better. Dont believe us? Try these beautiful little bites and were sure youll agree! Premium almonds coated with amazing chocolate just for your palates pleasure


Crunchy Munchies

Take butterscotch in one hand, chocolate in the other, bring your palms together and voila - magic worth applauding! These lovely little butterscotch munchies coated in chocolate are all you need to make any day special


Nutella Cheesecake

Ascend to dessert heaven with this jar that is so sinfully good, you could call it a smooth criminal! With a chocolate cake that is complemented perfectly by rich and velvety nutella cream cheese filling, this one is bound to remind you of all the good things in life


Brownie Trifle Pudding

Too pretty to eat? Dig into the layers of all good things and feel the love! Layered with delicious brownie cake, its the perfect brownie trifle pudding you will find!


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