Food Till Dawn in Greater Kailash 1


Food Till Dawn

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Greater Kailash 1

Veg only


veg burgers

Veggie Patty Burger

Mixed veg patty, bread crumbs

₹ 225

Paneer Patty Burger

Crumbled cottage cheese patty coated with bread crumb

₹ 255

Grilled Cottage Cheese Burger

Cottage cheese marinated with spices herbs

₹ 245

Paneer Tikka Burger

Paneer tikka juicy green salsa, onion roasted garlic, cheese, mint sauce and mayo

₹ 265

Corn Tikka Burger

Chopped golden corn patty coated with bread crumb

₹ 255

non veg burgers

Grilled Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken patty, cheese slice and eggs

₹ 275

Chicken Tikka Breaded Burger

Chicken tikka breaded patty, capsoum mint sauce, chillies coriander, cheese slice

₹ 345

Chicken Strips Burger

Breaded deep fried chicken strips on top with bacon

₹ 325

Real Chicken Burger

Chicken breast grilled on top

₹ 305

Seekh Kebab

Seekh kebab patty on top with mint sauce coriander and omelette

₹ 305

American Ham Burger

Chicken patty with ham slice on top

₹ 325

Grilled Lamb Burger

Grilled lamb patty, cheese slice, egg, bacon on choice

₹ 385

Food Till Dawn

39, DDA Auto Complex, Zamrudpur, Greater Kailash 1 (GK 1), New Delhi

License No. 23319010001296

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