Bangkok Bae in Perungudi


Bangkok Bae

Next Opens at Saturday 12:00 PM


Veg only



Crispy Lotus Root

Crispy fried lotus root tossed with fresh Chilli, basil and finger root ginger

₹ 195

Steamed Basmati Rice

Steamed long grain rice

₹ 75

Stir Fried Bokchoy

Fiery wok fried bok choy in yellow bean paste and garlic sauce

₹ 195

Thai Tofu Satay

Grilled tofu skewers in isaan marinade served with jim jaew sauce

₹ 195

Thai Raw Papaya Salad

Spicy thai salad of shredded raw papaya with roasted peanuts and long beans

₹ 175

Bangkok Chilli Chicken

Spicy stir fried chicken with Thai basil and Chilli paste

₹ 225

Thai Style Chicken Satay

Grilled skewers of chicken marinated in Thai spice paste served with peanut sauce

₹ 225

Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings

Crispy fried chicken wings in served with sweet chilli

₹ 225

Prawn Crackers

Fried prawn crackers, an accompaniment for Rice Bowls

₹ 75

Bangkok Bae


23, St. Thomas Street, Santhosh Nagar, Kandanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai

License No. 12419008003772

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