The Good Bowl in BTM Layout Stage 2


The Good Bowl

BTM Layout Stage 2

Veg only

fusion bowls


Mughlai Chicken Kofta Rice Bowl

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] Chicken meatballs dropped in bubbling moughlai gravy, ladled over fluffy rice. Bowl goals if you ask us.

₹ 284

Malai Chicken Tikka Rice Bowl

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] Still smelling of the good, old smokey tandoor, our Chicken tikka masala poured over rice makes one of the most scrumptious bowls ever.

₹ 299

Barbeque Chicken Rice Bowl

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] BBQ Chicken + Rice + Salad. Great stuff, packed in cute bowls and you are welcome.

₹ 294

Mughlai Grilled Chicken Rice

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] Fragrant reshmi chicken pairs like a dream with a moghlai gravy- add a side of rice to it and you have a winner.

₹ 289

Mughlai Falafel Gravy Rice Bowl With Salad

No rules. All heart! Crispy felafels dropped in a bubbling mughlai gravy mimics all the tastes of a great kofta which we pair with rice and salad.

₹ 268

Bhuna Chicken And Rice Bowl

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] A complete meal, like the complete man right here with our Bhuna chicken, salad and rice bowl!

₹ 299

Chicken Tikki Rice Bowl

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] Well tell you what a good life is. Its juicy chicken tikkis dropped over moghlai gravy and paired with rice. As simple as that.

₹ 304

Paneer Tikka Rice Bowl

Who knew paneer tikka would taste so amazing over moughlai gravy right? Trust us, it does. And with rice, it weaves a dream.

₹ 278

Roast Vegetables Rice Bowl

Our roast meals with moughlai gravy makes for a wonderfully satisfying bowl. If you like it light, try the roast veggies bowl for a quick & filling meal.

₹ 247

Chicken Kheema Rice Bowl

[100% Safely Cooked Chicken] You have had Kheema Pav. Now try this. Kheema Rice and salad makes for the most comforting bowl ever.

₹ 294

The Good Bowl

faaso's, 49, 7th Main Rd, New Extension, NS Palya, Stage 2, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

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