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Soup Station K@

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Chicken Macroni & Greens Soup

[Kcal= 127.93,Protein = 7.64, Carbs = 14.11,Fat = 5.04,Fiber = 2.82] [High Fiber, High Protein, No Added Sugar, No MSG Added. ] Try our mashed chicken stock along with wheat macaroni pasta and fresh, exotic vegetables.


Mixed Veg Soup

[Kcal= 96.85,Protein = 3.55, Carbs = 16.11,Fat = 3.44,Fiber = 3.95] [High Fiber, Low Calorie, Cholestrol Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free] Try our mouthwatering mixed vegetables stock loaded with cubes of healthy zucchini, broccoli, carrot & beans.


Roasted Mushroom & Bell Pepper Soup

[Kcal= 88.5,Protein = 2.06, Carbs = 15.69,Fat = 3.3,Fiber = 2.5] [Low Calorie, Cholestrol, Gluten Free. ] This delectable vegetables broth is made with the freshest ingredients along with roasted mushrooms and spicy bell peppers, finished off with crushed pepper.


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Veg Soup Oat Meal

[Kcal= 290.9,Protein = 12.29, Carbs = 46.07,Fat = 9,Fiber = 10.1] [High Fiber, High Protein, Low Fat, Cholestrol Free, 100% Vegan, Gluten Free.] This high fiber veg soup oat meal is perfect for people who are dieting.


Tuna & Vegetables Soup Meal

[Kcal= 284.09,Protein = 25.83, Carbs = 31.86,Fat = 7.28,Fiber = 7.74] [High Fiber, High Protein, Low Fat, Gluten Free, No MSG.] This delectable soup is the perfect combination of tuna fish, mixed green vegetables, finished off with salt n pepper to perfect the paleo diet.


Pasta & Greens Soup Meal

[Kcal= 352.64,Protein = 14.94, Carbs = 60.28,Fat = 8.95,Fiber = 11.8] [High Fiber, High Protein, Low Fat, Cholestrol Free, 100% Vegan.] This combination of fresh, exotic vegetables and wheat pasta soup meal is perfect for those on a diet.


Mixed Veg Soup Meal

[Kcal= 233.72,Protein = 10.17, Carbs = 35.57,Fat = 7.94,Fiber = 8.66] [High Fiber, Low Calorie.] A healthy meal for health conscious people, our chef special soup meal made with exotic vegetables with our healthy soup


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Mixed Bean Soup

[Kcal= 183.14,Protein = 6.72, Carbs = 22.8,Fat = 8.06,Fiber = 5.09] [High Fiber.] This Mexican, heart-healthy and supremely satifying soup is made with healthy black beans, corn niblets, and tomato and bell peppers. Cholestrol Free;Vegan;Super Grains;Gluten Free. It is high in fiber.


Kidney Bean & Brown Rice Soup

[Kcal= 141.54,Protein = 4.91, Carbs = 22.65,Fat = 3.73,Fiber = 3.29] [Low Fat.]This Kidney beans and brown rice soup is cooked along with indian herbs and spices over the night on a low flame to maximise the flavours and aromas. No MSG. Only fresh ingredients used.


Green Peas & Corn Soup

[Kcal= 171.25,Protein = 3.64, Carbs = 18.85,Fat = 10.18,Fiber = 3.66] [Vegan, Super Grains, Gluten Free.] This delicious soup is made from sauteed green peas and american corn blended with onion, garlic, and salt & pepper for taste. Vegan;Super Grains;Gluten Free, No MSG, freshest ingredients used.


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Bread Toast With Seasoned Mash Potato & Peas

Comes 3 slices of 100% whole wheat bread.


Bread Toast With Scrambled Eggs

Comes with 3 slices of 100% whole wheat bread.


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