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Veg only



Sugar Free Aam Ka Panna (200 Ml)

Tangy refreshing combination of green mango and spices. Helps in strengthening the immune system

₹ 70

Sugarcane With Ginger Twist (200 Ml)

Immunity boosting sugarcane juice, lightly flavoured with lemon for a zing, and a ginger twist

₹ 70

Sugar Free Original Orange Juice (200 Ml)

This is orange, and only orange. Great for your immunity, metabolism and nervous system. Gulp, and feel good

₹ 120

Tulsi Lemonade (Immunity Booster)

Boost your immunity with this thirst quenching blend of tulsi, lemon, ginger and honey, its got health, its got sweetness, and just the right amount of tang to keep you coming back for more

₹ 70

Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Juice (200 Ml)

6 fruits blended into a balanced combination, to give you the best-est mixed fruit juice the sweetness of mango, delicateness of guava, tanginess of pineapple, hydration of sugarcane, astringency of pomegranate, creaminess of carrot, all come together to create this bottle of delight

₹ 70

Sugar Free Pure Pomegranate Juice (200 Ml)

This powerful potion of pure pomegranate promises your palate pleasure, peace and perfection. Deep, vibrant and full of nutrients,fibre and vitamins

₹ 120


Sugar Free Mango And Pineapple Vegan Smoothie (200 Ml)

Blend of beloved alphonso mango and kerala pineapple. Great source of vitamin c which boosts your immune system

₹ 100

Sugar Free Strawberry And Raspberry Vegan Smoothie (200 Ml)

Raspberry, strawberry and banana are blended together to make this antioxidant smoothie. A healthier heart, stronger immune system is just a few gulps away

₹ 100

Sugar Free Jamun And Black Salt Vegan Smoothie (200 Ml)

A unique mix of jamun and kala namak. Jamun helps in bringing blood sugar down which makes this a great anti diabetic drink

₹ 120



No 122/B, Outer Circle, Whitefield, behind Brothers Bakery, Dodsworth Layout, Whitefield

License No. 11219333002151

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