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Samosa Singh

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BTM Layout 1st Stage

Veg only


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Masala Lemon Soda

The classic third quencher. Our desi nimbu pani and masala mix for that perfect beverage


Chai Flask

Elevate the desi swag of our samosa with a fresh chai ka cup


Masala Chai Flask

The ageless chai married to the spicy masala flavours to give you that hot energetic experience


Sweet Lassi

Sweetened curd beaten until frothy, served chilled


Jeera Soda

The aromatic freshness of cumin seeds and the tingling mix of soda and masala to give you that smooth and thirst quenching beverage.


sweet cravings

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Chocossa Brazilian Orange


Chocossa Double Chocolate



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Samosa Kachori (4 Pcs) Combo

Aloo Masala Samosa (2 pcs) & Dal Kachori (2 pcs)


Desi Samosa Chai Combo (4 Pcs)

Aloo masala samosa (2 pcs) & Chai (Serves 3-4)


Meal Combo

Pav Bhaji/Chole Kulcha with Dahi Bhalla and beverage of your choice



Samosa Celebration Combo (50 Pcs)

50 pieces of Aloo Masala Samosa for your get together & house parties



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Tikki Chole Chaat

The taste of a delectably cooked chole gravy and piping hot Tikki topped with sev and chutney makes it a memory to cherish


Samosa Chole Chaat (2 Samosas)

The taste of our samosa crush marries the piping hot chole gravy, served with a generous topping of green chutney and sev to make it much more exciting


Dal Kachori Dahi Chaat

The fresh crumble of our Dal Kachori, topped with an insatiable mix of fresh yogurt, green & red chutney, onion toppings and breezy sev.


Dahi Bhalla (3 Pcs)

Dollops of yogurt spread over spongy soft and delectable bhallas & a generous sprinkling of chat masala and sweet n sour chutney mix. The one eat no one says no to.


Papdi Chaat

The appetizing mix of tender Bhalla crush and the crunchy flavor of the papdi, all wrapped in the potpourri style mix of fresh yogurt, sweet & sour chutney, chaat masala and a sprinkle of Sev.


mini meals - indian street food

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Chicken Keema Samosa Pav

Crispy chicken keema samosas in pav with a tinge of Indian spices


Aloo Samosa Pav

The fragrant Aloo samosa crush in a saucy mix inside the neat folds of a pav. Instant eats


Chole Kulcha

The spine tingling mix of white peas, ginger, lemon & tomato served with a soft leavened bread or Kulcha for that perfect snack



Aloo Tikki Pav

The symbol of our street food credo, the Aloo Tikki served up hot inside the soft buns of a fresh pav with a treat of green & red chutney making it a sweet and sour treat to remember


Dal Kachori & Aloo Sabji

Dal Kachori (2 pcs) served with our very own pickled potato subzi


Tawa Stuffed Kulcha

Soft leavened Kulcha with filling of your choice (Kadai Paneer Bhurji/Achari Aloo)



Butter Pav Bhaji

Classical street food style vegetable mash curry served with delectable soft & thinly roasted bread pav. The Pav Bhaji is the first choice of any sworn snack eater across the country



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Veg Samosa Platter (4 Pcs)

Assorted veg varieties (Aloo masala, Veggie spice, Kadai paneer, Masala Corn )


samosa and kachori

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Achari Murgh Samosa (2 Pcs)

The tangy Indian prickliness wrapped in a delightful Samosa. For the native hearts & desi fans


Chicken Chettinad Samosa (2 Pcs)

The classical Chettinad flavours held inside an explosive Samosa. For the spice lovers


Chicken Keema Samosa (2 Pcs)

The grace of all gatherings & occasions. Classic Keema mix served in a neat Samosa


Aloo Masala Samosa (2 Pcs)

The evergreen & the most loved avatar of the samosa. The toast of tea breaks & the first choice of samosa lovers


Veggie Spice Samosa (2 Pcs)

The verdant pot puri of Indian veggies tucked in a crispy Samosa. Lush & healthy


Kadai Paneer Samosa (2 Pcs)

For the die hard paneer lovers, the hit mix of juicy paneer, tangy tomatoes & onions in our Samosa . Lipsmackingly rich


Masala Corn Samosa (2 Pcs)

Farm fresh corn in the magic mix of cheddar cheese & tomatoes. For those who relish their breaks


Moong Dal Kachori (1 Pc)

The light kachori with its crunchy outer and its flavoured dal filling, makes for that perfect casual evening meet, a formal function or just a filler


diy kits

others(3 items)

Breakfast Kit (Dishes- 6 | Serves: 4-5)

Bring out your inner chef with our new and exciting easy to cook meals. Enjoy a hassle free breakfast with 6 exciting dishes like- Poha, Mixed Bean Chaat, Chivda, Chilla, Paneer stuffed chilla & Dhokla. The kit includes poha mix, chilla mix, dhokla mix, imli chutney, pudina chutney, sev, lemon chilli seasoning. Utensils required- Pan/Kadai. Recipe booklet inside the kit.


Snacks Kit (Dishes- 4 | Serves: 4-5)

Snacks made easy with our Sancks kit with 4 dishes like- Aloo Masala Samosa, Kachori, Samosa Chaat & Kachori Chaat. The kit includes Aloo masala samosa (5 pcs), Kachori (5 pcs), Chola, imli chutney, pudina chutney, sev, lemon chilli seasoning. Utensils required- Pan/Kadai. Recipe booklet inside the kit.


Chaat Kit (Dishes- 5 | Serves: 4-5)

Fulfill your chaat cravings with our new easy to make chaat kits with 5 chatpata dishes like- Dahi Bhalla, Bhalla papdi chaat, Papdi chaat, Aloo tikki chaat, Aloo sev papdi. Bring out your inner chef and come up with creative dishes using this simple and innovative kit which includes Bhalla (6 pcs), Aloo tikki (6 pcs), papdi,imli chutney, pudina chutney, sev, lemon chilli seasoning. Utensils required- Pan/Kadai. Recipe booklet inside the kit


all day breakfast

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Dabeli Pav

Roasted pav with a filling of tangy gravy topped with onion and sev and served with green and sweet chutney that makes up for the perfect brunch


Vada Pav

The humble street food of Mumbai with our delicious potato vada sandwiched between two slices of soft pav served with roasted green chili and our very own green and sweet chutney


Mixed Bean Chaat

The nutritious salad made with a mix of chickpeas, moong and white peas with the perfect sprinkle of papdi, onion, chilli lime, sweet and green chutney for your filling brunch or a healthy snack.


Chole Bhatura

The classic North Indian style chickpea gravy cooked with fresh onion, tomato and spices served with 2 soft bhature. Served with pickle and onion along the side. Start your day with it, sneak a bit during lunch or enjoy it late at night.


Pakoda Platter


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