Polar Bear K@ in BTM Layout


Polar Bear K@

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BTM Layout

Veg only

take away sundae tubs


Brownie Fudge Tub

Gooey chocolate walnut brownie, topped with smooth Vanilla ice cream, and chocolate fudge.

₹ 297

Cranberry Cravings

Cranberry Ice Cream, with dried cranberry & swirls of Cherry compote, topped with White Chocolate Shavings

₹ 297

The Red Velvet Tub

Loaded with smooth Red Velvet ice cream, exotic cherry compote and soft red velvet cake.

₹ 297

Choca Blocka Tub

Soft sponge chocolate cake, smooth and creamy Chocolate ice cream, and swirls of chocolate fudge.

₹ 297

Tiramisu Grande

Lush Coffee Ice cream and dark chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate & mocha sauce, topped with chocolate shavings

₹ 297

Berry Mascarpone

Swirls of Rich Starwberry & Blueberry Ice cream, infused with dried bluebrries, blackcurrant & strawberry pulp and spray dried cheese.

₹ 297

Bada Gudbud Tub

A mish mash of Vanilla & Strawberry ice cream, pineapple pulp, and topped with dry fruits.

₹ 297

Polar Bear K@


1st Phase, Kar Arr Valki Pine Hurst, No. 01, Outer Ring Rd, Btm 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

License No. 11219334000034

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