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Pockets Of Food

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Marathahalli, Mahadevapura

Veg only

quick bites

poha and pav

Vada Pav

Hot aloo vada served with fresh pav sweet & spicy seasoning green chilly

₹ 85


Flattened rice flakes made with onions, chillies, curry leaves and seasoning served with bhurji

₹ 60

Omelette Pav

Masala omelette served in fresh pav with seasoning

₹ 99

Anda Bhurji Pav

₹ 99

Keema Pav

Spiced chicken keema served with fresh pav

₹ 115

kolkata kathi rolls

Veg Roll

Laccha paratha, mix veg with onion and cucumber

₹ 79


Paneer Tikka Roll

Paneer tikka cubes and vegetables on a laccha and sauces

₹ 89


Egg Roll

Calcutta street style egg coated paratha, laccha and Sauces

₹ 89


Chicken Kathi Roll

Spicy chicken masala, laccha onion, lemon and sauce

₹ 99


Keema Roll

Egg and chicken keema roll

₹ 109



The Classic Maggi

Just Your maggi and seasoning nothing else

₹ 65


School Time Maggi

Soupy maggi with vegetable and seasoning

₹ 75


Chilli Garlic Maggi

Maggi spiced up with chilli and garlic desi tadka

₹ 75


Peri Peri Maggi

English tadka maggi with peri peri flavour

₹ 75


Schezwan Maggi

When you want it hot and chinese style

₹ 85



Butter Toast

2 slices of crisp toasted bread with butter

₹ 65

Butter Jam Toast

2 slices of crisp toasted bread with butter and jam

₹ 75

Peanut Butter Toast

2 slices of crisp toasted bread with peanut butter

₹ 99

Peanut Butter Jam Toast

2 slices of crisp toasted bread with peanut butter & jam

₹ 70

Jam Toast

2 slices of crisp toasted bread with jam

₹ 65

French Toast

Golden, caramelized toasts on the outside creamy soft and pillow on the inside

₹ 90

Anda Bhurji Toast

₹ 99


French Fries

French fries are french fries

₹ 89

Masala Fries

Seasoned fries with indian spices

₹ 99

Peri Peri Fries

Peri peri seasoned fries

₹ 109

Potato Cheese Shots

Potato balls filled with cheese & jalapenos

₹ 125

eggs to order

Masala Omelette

Egg cooked with onion, tomato & green chilli

₹ 80

Cheese Omelette

Egg cooked with yummy cheese rolled for a great taste

₹ 99

Mushroom Omelette

Egg Cooked & stuffed with saute mushroom

₹ 99

Egg While Omelette

Healthy version of egg on pan

₹ 88

Boiled Eggs (2 Nos)

Peeled boiled egg cut in to halves and served with salt and red chilli

₹ 59

Fried Eggs

2 eggs bulls eye cooked on both sides

₹ 80

Chicken Keema Omelette

Egg Cooked & stuffed with chicken keema

₹ 110

Chicken Omelette

Egg Cooked & stuffed with grilled chicken

₹ 99

Sausage And Onion Omelette

Egg cooked and stuffed with sausage with sausage and caramelised onion

₹ 115

Pockets Of Food

496, 1st Cross, Ayappa Layout, Behind KMF Dairy, Marathahalli, Bangalore

License No. 11219333000469

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