Lucky Chan in St. Marks Road


Lucky Chan

Next Opens at Monday 11:30 AM

St. Marks Road

Veg only

vegan sushi


Tofu Cucumber Maki (8 Pcs)

Tofu, Avocado And Cucumber Uramaki Roll With Black Sushi Rice

₹ 525

Vegan Dynamite Roll (8 Pcs)

Spicy Mushroom And Cucumber Maki Roll Topped With Dynamite Panko

₹ 475

Avocado And Raw Mango Maki (8 Pcs)

Raw Mango Slivers And Hass Avocado Maki Witth Spicy Coconut Cream

₹ 475

Black Rice Veggie Roll (8 Pcs)

Lettuce, Tofu, Cucumber And Black Mushroom Maki, Vegan Sri Raja Chilli Mayo

₹ 525

Scrambled Tofu Oshi (8 Pcs)

Tofu Scrambled With Coconut Milk And Veggies On Sushi Rice

₹ 350

Lucky Chan

Municipal No.9, PID No.76-2-9, New PID No.111- W0026-32,, St. Marks Rad, Richmond Town Bangalore, Shanthinagar, B.B.M.P East , 560001

License No. 11219333002651

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