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Koshe Kosha K@

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Veg only

main course


Sona Muger Dal

Roasted Yellow Lentils Seasoned With Spices And Ghee, Garnished With Green Peas

₹ 125

Dhakai Mangsho

Mutton Cooked In Dhaka-Style Gravy With Exotic Spices

₹ 295

Moshla Murgi

Spicy Chicken Gravy

₹ 185

Kosha Mangsho

Tenderized Mutton In A Spicy Bengali-Styled Dark Gravy, Accompanied With Spicy Tamarind Chutney

₹ 295

Mocha Chingri

Banana Blossom Cooked With Shrimps

₹ 145

Kosha Murgi

Chicken Cooked In A Thick Gravy Made From Melon And Poppy Seeds

₹ 175

Aloo Bhaja

Crispy Fried Potato Matchsticks

₹ 55

Masoor Dal

Red Lentils Cooked Home Style

₹ 95

Narkel Cholar Dal

Split Bengal Gram Cooked With Coconut Chips And Raisins

₹ 125

Peas Pulao

₹ 125


Traditional Bengali Mixed Vegetables Dish In Sweet And Bitter Gravy

₹ 115

Dhokar Dalna

Bengal Gram [Chana Dal] Cakes Cooked In Cumin And Ginger Gravy

₹ 195

Bhetki Paturi [1 Pc]

₹ 235

Alur Dum

The Legend, Dum-Aloo

₹ 95

Aloo Phoolkopi

Aloo-Gobi In A Fragrant Gravy

₹ 135

Machher Matha Diye Dal

Fried Fish Heads Cooked In Sona Moong Dal

₹ 125

Pur Diye Begun Bhaja

Eggplant Slices Stuffed With Mustard Paste And Deep-Fried

₹ 65

Chingri Malaikari [Bagda]

Jumbo Prawns Cooked In Special Rich And Creamy Flavoured Coconut Gravy

₹ 395

Mangsher Jhol

Spring Mutton Cooked In A Light Gravy

₹ 285


Bengali Style Fluffy White Pooris

₹ 60

Dim Kosha

Hard Fried Boiled Eggs In Spicy Onion And Tomato Gravy

₹ 95

Bhetkir Jhal [1 Pc]

₹ 235

Mochar Ghonto

Stir-Fried Sweet And Spicy Boiled Banana Blossom

₹ 145


Hand Tossed Chapatis

₹ 10

Moshla Chingri [Bagda]

Spicy Prawn Gravy

₹ 395

Chanar Dalna

Cardamom-Seasoned Cottage Cheese Balls Cooked In Bengali-Styled Gravy

₹ 225

Plain Rice

Steamed Basmati Rice

₹ 85

Jhinge Aloo Posto

Ridge Gourd And Potato Cooked In Rich And Flavourful Poppy Seed Curry

₹ 135

Basanti Pulao

Sweet And Fragrant Polau

₹ 145

Katla Kalia

Katla Fish Cooked In Onion Based Gravy

₹ 165

Pabdar Jhal

Pabda Cooked In Spicy Onion And Tomato Gravy

₹ 225

Murgir Jhol

Chicken Cooked In Thin And Light Gravy

₹ 175

Koshe Kosha K@

No 710, Varthur Rd, Thubarahalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

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