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veg(14 items)

Spinach Corn Sandwich

This sandwich has fresh spinach and sweet corn which are cooked in a cheesy sauce stuffed between toasted bread with cheese slices giving you the best snack option anytime of the day


Fresh Slaw Sandwich

A comfort veg sandwich loaded with cabbage carrots layered between delicious marble bread slices. Enjoy this anytime of the day.


Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

The uncharacteristic paneer is transformed entirely when seasoned and fried with magical and essential Indian spices tomatoes and coriander. Layered between our signature marble bread this sandwich is a yummy on the go meal Serves 1.


Cheesy Veg Sandwich

This veggie sandwich contains loads of veggies like carrot beans bell peppers sweet corn and spicy flavours. Tossed with seasoning and cheese sauce placed between two slices of toasted bread slices.


Cucumber Chutney Sandwich

A super light sandwich with chutney slathered on bread slices topped with cheese and fresh cucumber slices. They are so good by themselves or when served with a hot cup of teacoffee ENERGY (KCAL) 95 Fat (g) 5 Carbs (g) 7Fiber (g) 2 Protein (g) 4 Sugar(g) 3


Fresh Fruit Bowl

A mix of bite sized pineapple watermelon muskmelon papaya apple pomegranate; perfect to brighten up your day in the morning and fuel you up for the rest of the day.


Apple Banana Cinnamon Parfait

Craving for a snack meal packed with nutrition? Indulge in the goodness of yoghurt freshly cut fruits maple syrup cinnamon and crunchy muesliall packed together to give you that energy kick at any time of the day Serves 1.


Kiwi And Pomegranate Parfait

Theres crunch in each bite of this delicious breakfast packed with the goodness of fruits we promise Exotic kiwi and fresh fruits are folded into creamy yogurt and cream along with crunchy muesli and maple syrup.


Mini Fruit Parfait

This power packed parfait has all the nutrition you need. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants from a variety of fruits healthy fibre from muesli and probiotics from the yogurt this little cup of goodness is a must have in your menu for the day.


Muesli Yogurt Parfait

Indulge in the goodness of greek yogurt freshly cut fruits and home made crunchy muesliall packed together to give you a wholesome meal any time of the day Serves 1.


Palak Paneer Bhurji Wrap

Bite into this delicious protein enriched goodness and drive your hunger away. This irresistible wrap is stuffed with shredded spinach sauteed with scrambled paneer onion tomato all rolled in a laccha paratha. Go ahead let your day be hearty.


Cheesy Veg Wrap

Crunchy onions golden corn kernels and assorted veggies are sauteed in a cheese sauce with spices placed on a soft laccha paratha thats slathered with chipotle mayo spread rolled and served to you fresh


Kolkata Paneer Wrap

Weve perked up the ever popular kolkata paneer with a mix of fresh peppers and paneer in a delish mixture. This mix is wrapped in fresh laccha paratha making it delicious and sumptuous with every bite you take. Perfect Street Style


Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap

Dig into this spicy tangy treat of cottage cheese vibrant bell peppers and onions and drive those hunger woes away as they strike. Laid snugly in a soft Laccha Paratha this dish will tickle your senses with its explosive flavours and hearty textures.


egg(9 items)

Masala Omelette

A moist omelette made with freshly chopped onions tomatoes coriander leaves and green chillies is rolled in a laccha paratha layered with a spicy house mint chutney go on try it Serves 1.


Palak Paneer Bhurji Wrap

A quick breakfast packed with protein. Scrambled eggs are cooked with onion and bell peppers while being gently heated. Garnished with fresh parsley leaves and cheddar cheese and served along with Garlic Bread to make your breakfast perfect and wholesome. Nourish your day in a good way


Italian Sausage Omelette

The brekkie classic the omelette gets a mighty meaty twist This fluffy celebration of beaten eggs is stuffed with oodles of cheese peppers and sausage cubes. Good for an anytime quick meal. Served with hash brown potato.


High Protein English Breakfast

Scrambled eggs sausages tossed in a special seasoning are served alongside a mixed veg cutlet. This blend isnt just perfect for starting your day but also great to get you through your busy schedule. Order now.


Chipotle English Breakfast

Scrambled eggs chipotle seasoned sausages are served alongside a mixed veg cutlet. This breakfast will bring all the energy to keep you fresh all day Order now.


Omelette Cheese Sandwich

A humble fluffy omelette stuffed between two slices of our signature bread is a delicious hearty breakfast affair that will have you up and running Serves 1.


Florentine Scrambled Egg N Garlic Bread

Omelettes have hidden many a stuffing in their gentle folds but nothing beats the spinach corn combination. Garnished with cheese this omelette is what good memories are made of. You would agree try it Served with garlic bread.


Greek Salad Triple White Omelette

The most loved version of the omelette this is truly delicious. Tri pepper greek salad is folded inside a masala omelette served with a hashbrown potato.


Masala Omelette Wrap

A moist omelette made with freshly chopped onions tomatoes coriander leaves and green chillies is rolled in a laccha paratha layered with a spicy house mint chutney go on try it Serves 1.


non veg(11 items)

Meaty Omelette

A versatile Indian Breakfast simply made with Eggs shredded chicken and spices. Chicken cooked with onion tomato chilli and beaten eggs are seasoned and cooked flat until fluffy. A Twist to the Omelette Served with two slices of multi grain garlic bread.


Tex Mex Meaty Omelette

This tasty omelette packs a ton of flavour and makes a wholesome breakfast. Enjoy this dexterously done two egg omelette with diced vegetables peri peri chickenand topped with cheese. Served with hash brown potato.


Roasted Chicken Triple White Omelette

Weve found the perfect way to integrate winter veggies with this eggy delight winter veggies tossed with roasted chicken and tucked away in an uber soft cheesy omelette Try this eggs travagant all day snack served with a hashbrown potato.


Chicken Tikka Wrap

A fuss free wrap with grilled chicken tikkas on a bed of onion with chipotle mayo rolled in a soft laccha paratha with chipotle mayo spread. Hungry already? Order on the go


Butter Chicken Wrap

Bite into the heavenly dish as it greets you with juicy chicken tossed in a rich buttery gravy laid snuggly inside lachha paratha with mint chutney and crispy onions. Experience a wonderful explosion of flavours in your mouth and feel your senses break into a happy dance.


Chicken Tikka Sandwich

Enjoy the best of fusion flavours in this flavoursome sandwich. Chicken pieces are flavoured with a in house tikka masala and layered in a toasted sandwich bread with chipotle mayo purple cabbage green peppers and carrot.


Steak Egg N Cheese Sandwich

This chicken omelette sandwich stuffed with peri peri shredded chicken cheese and cheese omelette stacked between toasted slices of bread and spread with chipotle mayo spread. This makes a satisfying breakfast or a great tea snack.


Bbq Chicken N Cheese Sandwich

Shredded chicken seasoned with sauces seasonings and cheese between toasted chipotle mayo spread bread slices is all that you would need for a scrumptious anytime meal. Trust us youll love it.


Homestyle Chicken Sandwich

This Chicken Sandwich is quite the testament. Grilled pulled chicken crunchy veggies and crushed black pepper tossed with a creamy mayo sauce stuffed between layers and buttered marble bread. Serves 1.


Smoked Sausages With Hashbrown

Shredded chicken seasoned with sauces seasonings and cheese between toasted chipotle mayo spread bread slices is all that you would need for a scrumptious anytime meal. Trust us youll love it.


Mexican Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled pulled chicken tossed with peri peri spice mix and tangy tomato packed between two buttered and toasted slices of our signature marbled bread with a crunchy mayo tossed slaw a meaty creamy and heavenly sandwich that sums up YUM


family combos

others(3 items)

Signature Baked Chicken Steak Family Combo

A premium family meal for you. cheesy chicken twin steak is grilled and oven baked served along with mouth watering spaghetti arrabiatta potato wedges and a cheesy sauce dip. must order


Ghee-Roast Chicken Biriyani (1Kg) With Kebabs And Lemonade

Ghee roast chicken biriyani + masala chicken kebab (6 pieces) + masala lemonade


Dan Dan Chicken Noodles + Chicken Lemon-Coriander Soup

Minced chicken cooked in a piquant broth of chicken stock shaoxing wine hoisin sauce and sichuan peppercorns is served with noodles and sir fried with veggies street food sichuan style served with chicken lemon coriander soup



others(12 items)

Blueberry Oatmeal Cake

An eggless indulgent treat packed with goodness and none of the guilt uses oats jaggery and blueberries. energy (kcal) 439 fat (g) 21 carbs (g) 53 fiber (g) 2 protein (g) 4 sugar(g) 23.


Shahi Tukda

Shahi tukda is a rich royal mughlai dessert to indulge this festive season. sugar coated bread topped and soaked with fragrant creamy sweet thickened milk or rabri and garnished with dry fruits. order now


Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Jar

Insanely delicious jar for those who love indulging in chocolate a fudge like cake chocolate truffle fresh cream and crumbled seasalt cookies are layered and topped with a layer of chocolate truffle again and chocolate shavings. with every bite you dive deeper into chocolate heaven


Chocolate Cinnamon Roll

Dark chocolate ganache cinnamon brown sugar sprinkle strawberry compote and raisins packed into a flaky buttery danish pastry we call it the bliss roll


Homemade Chocolate-Cake

A double layered chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache extravaganza creamy chocolatey with indulgence in each bite


Death-By-Chocolate Mousse Jar

Layers of creamy dark chocolate mousse luscious dark chocolate truffle toffee sauce brownie crumble topped off with dark chocolate curls each layers more indulgent than the other


Rainbow Pastry

If youve ever wondered what a rainbow tasted like well now you can finally know. layers of vanilla pound cake coloured in the shades of the rainbow are blanketed with sweet cream cheese and topped off with red velvet crumble. tell us if you spot a unicorn okay? serves 1.


Double Chocolate Cake Slice

Theres nothing like too much chocolate and heres another reason to pamper your sweet tooth with this chocolate cake loaded with the decadence of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. double chocolate for all the chocolate lovers


Choco Fudge Blackout Cake

Dark chocolate sponge layered with milk chocolate truffle and dark chocolate truffles is sure to be a perfect treat. double layers mean double fun


Chocolate Mousse Mudcake

Deliciously moist and rich this is definitely the best ever cake for chocolate lovers. covered in a creamy chocolate ganache and more ganache is finally garnished with butter scotchnuts and choco flakes. one piece is never enough


Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Brownie

A decadent moist chocolate fudge brownie with a layer of cheesecake and lots of dulce de leche (thickened milk and sugar) to indulge. sweet caramelly milky and creamy. heaven


Crumble-Blueberry Cake

Add some sweetness to your palate with this delicious soft blueberry cake. this dessert is the perfect way to end your meal on a sweet note.


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