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frappe classico


Mexican Vanilla Bean Milkshake

Classic is evergreen and we know that too well because we're here to whip up the perfect creamy gesture to invite you for a vanilla filled ecstatic experience. Should you say no? No. Which means it's a yes. Get ready for creating some creamy moustaches!

₹ 189

Strawberry Cream Milkshake

All those delicious strawberries finally found their true worth in this sinfully simple concoction. Every heavenly sip of our creamy milkshake will make you wonder if strawberry milkshake really has been around for so long It's yummy and it deserves to be in your tummy RIGHT NOW.

₹ 219

Mango Swirl Milkshake

Mango lovers or not, if you haven't tasted this one, you will crave it later. Mangoes have this irresistible charm about them. They're juicy, they're the perfect yellow and swirling their way into our milkshake has been quite an escapade that should end in your mouth, their favourite destination.

₹ 219

Belgian Dark Chocolate Milkshake

Belgium and chocolates are a great couple and if their offspring is our chocolatey milkshake that leaves you full of bliss then you know you've made the perfect choice. If you're a fan of the dark side of sweet things, then you're reading about the right one.

₹ 219

Salted Caramel Milkshake

Salt and caramel together in our milkshake prove that opposites do attract. They're sure to tempt you into making this hard-to-resist milkshake your favourite. And for those of you who are 'all or nothing', we don't even have to tell you about it.

₹ 199

Frappe Fresco

No. 2, 4th SECTOR, opp. JSS PUBLIC SCHOOL, Sector 4, HSR Layout , 560102

License No. 21219194000638

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