Faasos in SJR iPark, KR Puram

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SJR iPark, KR Puram

Veg only

daily value wrap combos


4 Signature-NonVeg Wraps @599

Fantastic combos from Faasos hall of fame with savings upto Rs. 340. Pick any 4 from our unique Signature Non-veg wraps & enjoy!

₹ 629

3 Signature NonVeg Wraps.. @469

Save upto Rs. 190 and surprise your tastebuds by choosing your 3 best favourite Signature Non-veg wraps loaded with deliciously unique ingredients.Theres no reason to delay here.

₹ 492

3 Signature Veg Wraps. @399

Double century savings done for sure! Save upto Rs 200 by choosing any 3 from our Signature veg wraps & enjoy this delicious meal for 3. Because if two is company, three is a party for sure!

₹ 419

4 Signature-Veg Wraps @529

Savings upto Rs. 230 & many flavour-packed surprises are here to steal boredom’s thunder. Choose any 4 from our unique collection of Signature veg wraps.

₹ 555

4 Classic Veg-Wraps @349

All smiles for surprise. All hearts for savings. Save upto Rs 280 by choosing your favourite 4 Veg Classic Wraps loaded with unique ingredients. Can we get a WOW?

₹ 366

2 Signature Veg-Wraps @289

Amazing wraps and savings! What else can you ask for? Choose any two from our unique Signature Veg Wraps with delicious fillings & sauces all wrapped in a flaky paratha.

₹ 303

4 Classic Non-Veg Wraps @399

Lip-smacking flavours at jaw-dropping savings upto Rs. 320. Choose any 4 of your favourites from our Classic Non-Veg wraps with extraordinary flavours!

₹ 419

2 Signature Non-Veg Wraps @319

Get spoiled with surprises and savings that too upto Rs. 150/-. Enjoy a delicious meal for two by choosing any two of our Signature Non-veg Wraps loaded with tender chicken & unique combinations of sauces.

₹ 335


Faasos, Food Court, SJR iPark, Plot No 13,14 And 15, Sy. Nos. 143 And 151, Industrial Area, Krishnarajpuram, Hobli, KIADB Export Promotion Industrial Area, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 56004

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