Drunken Monkey in ORR, Marathahalli


Drunken Monkey

Closed For Delivery

ORR, Marathahalli

Veg only

immunity boosters


Sexy Spinach Smoothie

(Vegan). Spinach blended with cucumber,chia seeds and green grapes

₹ 179

Beet The Root Smoothie

(Vegan). Beetroot blended with apple, carrot, cashews and almonds

₹ 179

Crazy Stupid Vegan Smoothie

Vegan - apple,watermelon,pomegranate,banana,pumpkin seed,chia seeds,basil seeds

₹ 209

Avocado Epic

Epic(vegan) - spinach,chia seeds,banana,almonds,cashews

₹ 279

Dragon Fruit Epic

Epic(vegan) - with watermelon,basil seeds

₹ 229

Strawberry Epic

Epic(vegan) - with watermelon, basil seeds

₹ 229

Black Grape Magic

Magic (vegan) - watermelon,pineapple,banana

₹ 159

Pomegranate Epic

Epic(vegan) - pineapple,apple,coconut

₹ 199

Drunken Monkey

25/5C, Old Site 39, Chinnapahalli, ORR, Marathahalli, Bangalore

License No. 21218188000117

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