Chai Point in Hebbal


Chai Point

Next Opens at Friday 08:00 AM


Veg only

work from home combos


Ready To WFH

Poha with Ginger Chai (Uniflask 250 ml)

₹ 200

Continental Quarantine

Tomato Pasta with Cold Coffee

₹ 260

Full Day Top Up

Paneer Paratha with Ajwain Saunf Chai (Uniflask 250 ml)

₹ 240

Desi Swag

Aloo Paratha with Plain Lassi

₹ 230

Summer Feels

Poha with Ginger Lemon Iced Chai

₹ 220

Meeting For One

Aloo Paratha with Kesar Elaichi Chai (Uniflask 250 ml)

₹ 210

Maggi For The Win

Maggi with Plain Lassi

₹ 200

Lazy Day

Maggi with Elaichi Chai (Uniflask 250 ml)

₹ 180

Chai & Chakna

Methi Khakra with Classic Chai (Uniflask 250 ml)

₹ 130

Morning Survival

Upma with Masala Chai (Uniflask 250 ml)

₹ 200

Eggsecution Mode

Anda Paratha with Ginger Lemon Chai (Uniflask 250 ml)

₹ 210

Chai Point

Chaipoint, H2 Block, Manyatha Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Nagawara, Bangalore 560045

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