Candy Cloud Factory in Koramangala


Candy Cloud Factory

Next Opens at Sunday 12:00 PM


Veg only


sweets treats

Cotton Candy Popcorn

Chocolate coated popcorn with sprinkles and cotton candy.

₹ 119

Cotton Candy

Flavored Cotton Candy

₹ 49


miniature pancakes

Disco Miniatures

Miniature pancakes dipped in dark chocolate and colourful mini discs.

₹ 89

Krispy Minatures

Miniature pancakes dipped in milk chocolate, rice krispies and chocolate sprinkles.

₹ 89

Rainbow Miniatures

Miniature pancakes dipped in white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

₹ 89

waffle pops

Berry Crumble

Topped with cramble of toasted muesli, fruit, nuts and berry sauce, custard and whipped cream.

₹ 99

Sugar Pop

Belgian waffle pop dusted in icing sugar

₹ 79

The Original

Plain belgian waffle pop in all its glory.

₹ 79

Chocolate Party Rainbow

Waffle pop covered in warm chocolate ganache and nutella topped with oreo and sprinkles.

₹ 99

Canadian Pie

Lashings of maple syrup, warm salted caramel sauce, custard, white chocolate ganache topped with cinnamon sugar and whipped cream.

₹ 99

Honey Honey Joy Joy

Drizzled with honey and covered with crunchy nut cornflakes, salted caramel sauce and whipped cream.

₹ 99

Salted Caramel Pop

Drenched in warm salted caramel popcorn and served with ice cream.

₹ 99

Cinny Pop

Belgian waffle pop covered in cinnamon sugar.

₹ 79

Candy Cloud Factory

No.88, Jyoti Nivas College Road, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore Pin: 560095

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