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Baker's Dozen


Veg only

chef aditis favourites


Fourgrain (Sourdough) 100% Wholewheat (370 Gms)

Fibre rich, high protein german sourdough with pumpkin, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds

₹ 199

Blueberry Cranberry (Sourdough) Bread 100% Wholewheat (435 Gms)

I was always a rebel! Authentic sourdough taken up a notch with blueberries and cranberries

₹ 200

Bagel Sesame (Pack Of 2) 100% Wholewheat (160 Gms)

The perfect accompaniment with cheese, this american favourite is gerously topped with sesame seeds

₹ 130

Multigrain Loaf 100% Wholewheat (230 Gms)

More than your regular sliced bread, loaded with pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds

₹ 55

Dark Chocolate Cookies (200 Gms)

Special handmade cookies loaded with decadent dark chocolate

₹ 170

Ragi Crackers (100 Gms)

Unique crunchy baked chips made with ragi and loaded with garlic. Perfect with any dip or just for munching

₹ 90

Banana Bread 100% Wholewheat (400 Gms)

One of the sweetest inhabitants of the bread kitchen, try me for breakfast, for evening snack or just on the go

₹ 235

Banana Walnut Cake 100% Wholewheat (300 Gms)

The sweetness of bananas, the crunchiness of walnuts, the looks of a beauty queen. Tempted enough

₹ 280

Baker's Dozen


306, Ground Floor, 2nd Main Road, 7th Cross, Domluru Layout, Bangalore , 560071

License No. 11220333000882

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